Monthly Favorite Brynlee Silversmit. Not only has this staff member dedicated a lot of her time to helping run things behind the scenes, but she's also been seen roleplaying around the site as well so congrats on making this month's member of the month!

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Featured Site Sword & Crown is a RPG fitting for those interested in medieval times. Not only is it based around that era but it is an original fantasy world.

News Update 09.01.17 Term 2 has officially started so get to earning those points!

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Lilliana Devane Admin 26-February 17 215 View
Sebastian Rosenthorn Head Boy 27-February 17 125
Gregory James Admin 27-February 17 98
Levi Whitacre Member 27-February 17 91
Nash Jennings Quidditch Captain 27-February 17 78
Hunter Whitmore Member 29-March 17 74
Adelina Moreau Member 28-February 17 59 View
Marisol Blackwater Member 2-June 17 55
Lars Beckham Staff 27-February 17 53
Matt Greenspark Moderator 24-March 17 50 View
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