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Mature Content

1. Violence is permitted in your Role-Plays, however, we don't allow anything that's considered torturous. Sexual violence will not be tolerated under any circumstance.

2. If your character is 4th year or below, we ask that you not go past snogging. If you want to go past light touching with any of your characters 5th year and older then you must be at least 18 in real life. Seriously, we can get into trouble if we have minors trying to write smut.

3. If you're 18+ and choose to go past snogging and light touching, please try to be realistic and somewhat discreet. It wouldn't make sense for people to be full on snogging in the middle of class or getting really touchy-feely with each other in an area that's public IC (such as the great hall, or out in the open where just anyone can see).

4. You still must follow the Terms of Service laid out by Jcink as well as the other rules we ask you to adhere to. They are rules for a reason and anyone found trying to "get around" them will be dealt with accordingly.

5. If you are found to be under the age of eighteen (18) then your access to the mature content will be revoked immediately and there may be punishment following this kind of breach.

6. Under no circumstances may you post any photos or links to any kind of nudity or pornographic material on our forums. This will result in an instant ban. We are a website based around writing and will remain so.

7. Threads that contain potentially triggering material must include a tag in the title or topic description. If an individual post later in the role-play (RP) may contain triggering material, you should include that in a statement at the top of your post.

8. Mature RPs can't be the only thing you write. Period. You need to write non-mature RPs as well and balance things out.

9.If your thread contains material that's considered mature by jcink's rules (anything past making out, violence, etc) then you need to make sure you label it as such. to do so you'll need to use the [restricted] [/restricted] tag.

10. While we allow most 'kinks' to feature in mature content role-plays, the following kinks and anything associated with them are not permitted: age play and daddy kinks, hardcore BDSM, kinks involving bodily fluids, Ero guro/kinks involving gore and sexually violent kinks.

*Please note: These may be updated in the future. Staff will announce when updates are made and you must read through and accept these terms to continue to Role-Play on Elysium.*

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