Monthly Favorite Harrison Woods. This suave Slytherin appears to be everywhere right now, from chatting up anything with a pulse in RPs or totally PWNing the games. Congrats!

Pop Event Winter is coming. Sure, there's no King of the North here but stay tuned for other fun things.
Featured Site Walk it Off We love comics and all things DC and this is an RPG site dedicated to that. Oh, and yeah, they have Marvel too. Bonus!

News Update 12.09.17 Another term passes and hitting the scene is a new kind of madness. Check out Hogwarts own, Oracle newsletter.

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Stop! Hammer time.

Well hello there, lovely Elysian.

We are currently not offering Special Powers at the moment. Those who wish to apply will need to wait until applications are announced. Powers are rare and staff may choose to hold applications as little or often as they feel needed. If you wish to talk with a member of staff about a special power that you would like, you may. However, if applications are closed then staff are apt to decline the request unless there is a good reason such as family plot or if a character is planning on being bitten by a writing partner.

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