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Invidia (panfandom, +18)
Tessa || Yesterday at 01:11 pm

Here's a few things to help you get adjusted to things around here including our site rules as well as a few other things you might need. Except for glitter and itching powder. Lilli stole all of that to use on Greg's underpants.
66 topics || 11 replies
Aubergine La Roux || Jun 25 2017, 08:04 PM

Where anything pertaining to developing your character is located. You just might find some pretty helpful things in here to help you get started or if you're stuck on what to do next.
69 topics || 80 replies

This is where all the cool kids come to talk out of character and play games. We like to get to know each other and this is the perfect place for that. All the awesome people post here unless they're stuffy old farts staff. Those ones are too serious for awesome folk.
11 topics || 211 replies

An area dedicated to personal plot development where you can set Role-Plays in the past, or alternatively move Role-Plays from the old site with your friends. Please do not post anything here that is present or fanfic related. Greg will let his Kraken eat you.
75 topics || 399 replies
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