Monthly Favorite Tiberius Malachi Winterley. This Slytherin rascal has been getting into all kinds of trouble in his many role-plays. Congrats, we can't wait to read more!

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 April Roleplay Of The Month (2017)
Ashton Mcalister
 Posted: May 14 2017, 05:22 PM


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We see some new and old faces in this month's winner! Speaking of faces, it looks like Kate Bromley, a gothabilly hufflepuff is being mistaken for a ghost by the ever infamous Ezra Seeley. I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost tells quite the tale and most likely will leave Kate wondering if she needs to start wearing less makeup. Or perhaps she'll use it to her advantage to troll the poor ghostly boy.

Lights, camera… SNAKE?! When Vincent James snags a portkey the magic goes haywire and he gets a lot more than he bargained for. After being saved by Paige Holland, the boy’s luck actually seems to go from bad to worse, and the sassy Curse Breaker is forced to choose between getting paid and being on the new Minister’s bad side. Find out wha happens to the unfortunate pair in Wild Ones this month’s first runner up.

Last but not least, in our second runner up it seems that Nicholas Wildes has taken it upon himself to find a way into Riordan's shop. Being that the two of them are still trying to get familar with each other's presence topped with the fact that the shop is located in a questionable part of Knockturn, of course Riordan can't help but wonder why Nick would even seek him out to start with. Make sure to read Broken Home if you'd like to find out what the Hufflepuff's true motives are!

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