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 Party On Garth ♫♪
Quincy Venturas
 Posted: Jun 22 2017, 10:25 PM


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It looks like a couple DJs have taken over Hogsmeade and, thanks to it being Hogsmeade weekend, students are crashing the place. Make your way over to join in the fun. A few things to note first:

Your character must be at least 15 years old to attend. However, the person hosting the party totally doesn't want any minors there so consider yourself warned before you make your entrance. This means that your character must be a minimum of 15 years old to participate, though any younger than the IC legal age of 17 will obviously have repercussions and the possibility of being thrown out.

You must create your own thread. This means that, this is entirely random and not a planned event by staff members. It's a plot event that people can choose to take part in or not. If you want to join in, message fellow members and see if you can find someone willing.

The plot? A frat-like party filled with loud music and people coated in magical glow paint. This paint, once used, will glow even without any kind of lighting. Be forewarned though, we hear there are trolls on the loose trying to coat people in random designs. Lastly, there is obviously going to be some drinking - it's a party! And not your typical one either. This is why there is an age limit on characters joining in.

So just make sure to follow the ToS and have fun!

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