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 Lesson: In Your Wildest Dreams, Role-play lesson
May 31 2017, 01:00 PM

(OOC: permission to godmode Skya Terell in this lesson given)

”Magical Mirrors are no laughing matter,” the former curse breaker announced while the last of the students tricked through the arena door. ”I expect more from all of you than answers like, ’that munter I sit next to in Potions could break any mirror just by looking at it.” She finished, reading directly from a marked homework before folding into a paper aeroplane with the rest and, with a flick of her wand, sending them off to find the student who turned them in. Really though, half the stuff these guys came up with had the professor laughing until she cried, but she also had a job to do and letting her amusement be known wasn’t exactly professional. The answer just read out also presented another conundrum; the dreaded Brit slang and idioms that she didn’t understand.

"Now, who can tell me what a ‘munter’ is?” No, really, she’d asked a couple of the other professors and was fairly sure they were trolling her with the wrong answers. Immediately he room erupted in muffled snickers and a few hands shot up as though the kids were expecting extra credit. Clarissa pointed to an eager-looking blonde in Slytherin robes near the front. ”Oh, it means somebody so ugly that beating them to death with a shoe would be a favour to mankind.” The girl beamed and put her hand down, looking completely innocent and unabashed by what she’d announced in front of the whole class. ”Excellent use of language,” the professor nodded, clearly impressed, then sighed when she caught meaningful glances being exchanged around the room, ”but I don’t want to hear words like that in my classroom ever again from any of you guys.” She addressed the gathered students with dismissive wave.

Feeling as though she’d already adulted more than enough for one day, the Head of Hufflepuff trudged over to the mirrors she hadn’t bothered moving from the first lesson of the term. A tall, heavily shrouded object stood slightly forward. She ripped off the coverings and tossed them aside, revealing an antique mirror with strange writing carved into the frame. ”Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi,” she read out, ”I show not your face but you heart’s desire.”

”Nobody knows where the Mirror of Erised came from or which professor brought it back from their travels. Not even the headmistress, who we have to thank for letting us borrow it for the day.” The witch stood to one side with her arms crossed, making sure her reflection wasn’t caught by within for time being. ”So why, you might ask, would I bring this to a defence lesson? Why not History of Magic?” Honestly, she’d been thinking that exact thing herself, but it was on the lesson plan she ‘borrowed’ from her predecessor, so she just shrugged and carried on.

”For one, this mirror shows anybody who looks into it - by themselves - their heart’s deepest desire. Trust me when I say that’s not always a good thing. Most people assume they know what the mirror will show them, and it might show them something they can take or leave, while others will be affected deeply.” So far nobody had fallen asleep on their feet, and the professor was taking that as a good sign that she still had their attention. For now at least.

”The mirror can reveal things you don’t know about yourself. In fact, it can reveal things you don’t want to know. Sometimes it can hurt to see even that small an aspect of your inner self revealed, so please bear that in mind for later,” she cautioned, even though she knew it was probably all going in one ear and out of the other. ”Other people have been seduced by what they see and wasted their life away, deluded and losing track of reality or driven mad because they don’t know if what they see is real or possible.”

“The rare and, in my opinion, imaginary person who has absolutely everything they want would only see their reflection, exactly as they are down to every eyelash and zit.” For a person to stand in front of the mirror and see nothing couldn’t be possible, in her mind. After all, it’s basic human nature for everyone to want something more, or different, than what they have right now. Clarissa gazed around the room for a moment and stoically avoided staring at a kid who appeared to be mining for gold inside his own ear.

“I want each of you in turn to stand before the Mirror of Erised and face your innermost hidden desire – what you want most of all. I want to all to consider what this says about you. Before you do this, remember, it will show you your dreams, but it can never reveal how to achieve them or bring you happiness. Oh, and try not to stand there admiring yourself for too long, or I’ll have to embarrass you in front of the entire class by dragging your backside away.”

The New Yorker turned aside and strode past the mirror, catching a glimpse of her reflection fully kitted out in hardy, weather-beaten clothes with a backpack and a few useful tools strapped to her belt; her curse-breaking gear. She clenched her jaw briefly and willed herself to ignore it before shooing the gathered students to one side of the room. ”There’s really no point crowding around. If more than one person stands in front of the mirror, it will stop the enchantment from working... You also can’t see anything that other people do, so you at the front, crane your neck in and gossip with your friends while you wait your turn.” She received a number of suspicious looks and the classroom suddenly became a little quieter instead. Throwing her hands up in defeat, the professor plonked down into the comfy chair behind her desk and watched the lesson progress.

Assignment: (20 points)
Before completing this assignment, please refer to the Classroom Rules.

Reply to this thread by role-playing your character’s response to the lesson in no less than 250 words, although to earn top marks you will need to make sure it's relevant to lesson. I want you to RP your character taking part in the lesson, which includes writing about what they see in the mirror and how it affects them.

If you wish, you may godmode me pulling your character away from the mirror because they spent too long in front of it. Please PM me if you want to discuss any further godmoding.

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Jun 4 2017, 09:05 AM

Name: Hunter Whitmore
Year: 5th
House: Gryffindor

Hunter arrived early and sighed as she took a seat in the back of the classroom. For some reason, this appeared to be one of those subjects where students had to contribute to demonstrations and discussions. If the answer wasn’t ‘pink’, ‘glitter’, or ‘fun’, the tiny witch really didn't want to know. Even so, it came as quite a shock when the - seemingly lazy - professor ended her droning speech on the Mirror of Erised by instructing the whole class to take a turn.

The Gryffindor glared, stopped trying to magically tie a nearby Hufflepuff to his chair with his own shoelaces, and quickly joined the queue to get it over with. She quickly adopted a beady-eyed glare of suspicion when Professor Church told the class to gossip among themselves. Hunter refused; she totally didn't like being told what to do.

When it came to her turn, the Gryffindor walked off toward the mirror with a skip in her step, having decided not to let the professor’s suspicious behaviour get to her. The object was huge, ancient and a bit rough around the edges. It sure didn’t look like much. Her reflection didn’t look much different from what she saw in the bathroom in the morning, either.

Blonde hair with pink tips. Sparkling blue eye lit with the flames of mischief. An expression that always looked like she was about to burn the place down or tell you a secret. Hunter stared in puzzlement and tried to figure out what could possibly be different.

The seconds ticked by and still she had no clue. She tried twirling, squinting and even prodding the mirror itself, but to no avail. Surely there was something she wanted? Finally, the fifth year scrunched up her face and stamped her foot. It was then she noticed how much taller her new shoes made her look. They were black with red heels, and by far the tallest platforms she currently owned.

Admiring how they made her legs seem longer, Hunter pulled back her robes and whistled in appreciation at just how much taller they made her seem. Dang, I need a pair of these in every colour, she thought, laughing and twirling again in front of the mirror to get a good look.

Catching sight of the rest of the room as she spun giddily, the lioness remembered that any moment now the professor would drag her away from the mirror in front of the whole class. She cast one final glance at her reflection and returned smugly to her seat, secure in the idea that she already had her heart’s desire. Whatever that may be. Not once did the airhead stop to consider that even the highest heels couldn't make somebody the size of a second year appear as tall as a supermodel... or that if she concentrated enough and worked at it, her Meta power could do that for her.

Great work! 20/20 - Clarissa

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Jun 8 2017, 06:25 PM

Name: Claire Templeton
Year: First
House: Hufflepuff
Lesson: In Your Wildest Dreams

Claire waited quietly at her desk for class to begin. She was a bit curious to find out what she would be learning about in each class she attended. She loved her professors and wanted to do her best in their classes. She found some classes more interesting than others, but she still strived to do her best in all of them. She spotted objects with coverings over them and wondered what they might be when Professor Church entered the classroom.

As always, Claire gave her full attention to Professor Church as she began the lesson by discussing magical mirrors. As Professor Church pulled the coverings from each mirror, Claire thought they were ordinary mirrors that even muggles used. When the professor reached the last, tall mirror and pulled off the covering, it was rather ancient looking. Claire noticed the strange writing engraved along the top of the mirror and immediately recognized it as the mysterious Mirror of Erised.

Upon seeing the other mirrors set up around the classroom, Claire innocently glanced around to see some of her fellow classmates trying to check their appearances in the Mirror of Erised. Having read about the Mirror of Erised and knowing a little about how it works, Claire couldn’t help giggling quietly to herself. She knew people were effected differently by what they saw in the mirror. Some people have wasted away their lives due to spending so much time looking into the mirror.

Not worried about wanting to know what the other students saw in the mirror, Claire took the time to think about what she might see in the mirror. She didn’t know what she would see, but hoped it would be something amazing. In any case, she would just have to accept whatever is was that the Mirror of Erised revealed to her and make the best of it. Some students stood in front of the mirror for only a moment or two while others stood in front for a much longer time.

When it was her turn to stand before the mirror, Claire stepped up in front of the tall mirror and looked into it, a little surprised at what she saw there. She always thought she had everything she wanted and didn’t think anything could be missing from her life. She saw herself holding a trophy for winning first place in a contest. She had entered many contests over time and had never won anything. She didn’t let not winning discourage her and she still entered contests. Upon seeing this in the mirror, Claire looked a few minutes longer and became even more curious about what the mirror had revealed to her.

Not wanting Professor Church to have to drag her away from the mirror in front of the class, Claire took one last look at her reflection in the tall, ornate mirror before turning away. She returned to her seat to write about what she saw in the mirror. Having loaded her quill with ink, she pulled some fresh parchment from her bag and began to write.

Good work! 20/20 - Clarissa

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Jun 12 2017, 08:13 AM

Name - Marisol Blackwater
Year- 5th
House - Hufflepuff

Marisol found most of her magic lessons interesting in some way or other and she thought about what made this kind of lesson interesting while she sat and listened to the introduction. She supposed it was something like a muggle self defence class but with magic. She knew that applied more to duelling than cursed objects, which were even more interesting because they were myths and legends brought to life. The novelty had work off a tiny bit over the years, but she still enjoyed it, she just didn’t enjoy the lesson quite as much as the outdoor types like care of magical creatures and flying.

The girl closed her eyes when the professor started warning the class about the powers of the Mirror of Erised and how it can affect people by showing them their deepest desires, and she listened closely to the warning not wanting to fall victim to anything dark or sinister. She knew next to nothing about cursed objects and especially mirrors, except for what they were taught in class and she didn’t want to look ridiculous if the class was called upon to get up and take turns in front of the mirror. As expected Professor Church ended the warning by telling the class they were expected to stand in front of the mirror and think about what they saw. It was just like this school to give the classes a lengthy warning about something then tell them to go and do it anyway.

She opened her eyes and glanced around the classroom at the other mirrors lining the walls and at the students lining up for her turn. Marisol joined them all as the silence descended over them when their professor announced they could all talk if they wanted to. She couldn’t help laughing at the sudden quiet and suspicious looks they were giving Professor Church, not many teachers would tell their entire class to gossip among themselves. A few students stood for only a few seconds and others seemed to be so mesmerised by what they saw that they stood there for ages. Marisol is curious but respectful of their privacy so she doesn’t even ask people she knew about what they saw as they walk past.

Finally she stood alone on front of the mirror and right away she raised her hand to cover her mouth when she realised what she was seeing. She should have guessed it was coming but it still came as a shock when her little sister stepped into view dressed in Hufflepuff robes with a smile lighting up her pudgy freckled face and carrying a wand. Libby came up next to her, and laid her head upon Marisol’s shoulder with a happy wink causing a tear to descend from the older girl’s eye. They didn’t even look alike with Mari being a plain looking girl who is lean, athletic 5’ 8” with light brown hair, tanned skin and hazel eyes and Libby was really pretty as always and slightly pudgy at 5 exactly feet tall even though she was only just over a year younger with curly black hair, pale skin and blue eyes. Her adoptive sister was also a muggle, and used a wheelchair because she was paralysed from the waist down, a tear escaped Marisol’s eye when the scene in front of her really sunk in. What she wants more than anything else is her little sister to be able to have everything that life has to offer and she also knows it’s not possible. Wiping the tear from her face, Mari makes her way back to her seat.

Good work! 20/20 - Clarissa

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Jun 19 2017, 03:20 AM

Name: Sarah Lovely
House: Gryffindor
Year: Fourth Year

In Your Wildest Dreams

It was a particularly nice day, at least that’s what Sarah thought as she took her seat up front in the classroom. The sky was a beautiful shade of blue and the sun was shining bright. For the first time in a long time, Sarah felt she had a legitimate reason to smile. “Magical Mirrors are no laughing matter.” Professor Church’s voice interrupted her pleasant thoughts as more students came in and took their places. “I expect more from all of you than answers like, ’that munter I sit next to in potions could break any mirror just by looking at it.” Sarah couldn’t help, but roll her eyes and give a small frown.“Now who can tell me what a munter is?” Watching a few hands go up, Sarah decided to merely listen. She’s heard the word before in the dormitory, but simply had no clue what it meant. Upon hearing the definition from a student, Sarah frowned. Name calling, really? How rude! ” Excellent use of language.” Came the professor’s voice. ” but I don’t want to hear words like that in my classroom ever again from any of you guys.”

”Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi, I show you not your face but your hearts desire.”Sarah raised her eyebrows curiously at the mirror. It was quite beautiful and old from the looks of it. I’ve never seen such an old mirror before. What are we going to do with it? It was obvious it was going to be part of the lesson, but her mind was on the words engraved onto it. My hearts desire... Sarah’s mind began to drift off into un welcomed territory, she could feel the frown deepen on her face.

”For one, Sarah snapped herself out of her mind as the professor went on this mirror shows anybody who looks into it-by themselves- Professor Church emphasized. their heart’s deepest desire. Trust me when I say that’s not always a good thing.”Sarah took a guess at what they might doing, she hoped she was wrong. She wanted to leave and not come back. Sarah felt like she had a ton of bricks thrown at her face, she prayed that they’d just be talking about it, take notes and maybe just a simple quiz.

Sarah’s thoughts overwhelmed her, silently she begged to whoever she could that the lesson would end already. She continued to do so, until she heard the what she dreaded.” I want each of you in turn to stand before the Mirror of Erised and face your innermost desire- Sarah let out a low, quiet groan. Why? Of all the things they could’ve done today, why did it have to be this?!
This meant she’d have to see what she never wanted to again. The thought alone just made her even more depressed. Sarah swore she would lock this part of her away, never to be seen again, it made her feel weak, lonely. ”…You also can’t see anything that other people do, so you at the front, crane your neck in and gossip with your friends while you wait your turn.” At this point Sarah was barely even listening. She just stood ad waited until it was her turn.

Walking up to the mirror, Sarah forced herself to look into the mirror. Upon looking , the first thing Sarah saw was a woman. She was young, she had the same mouth as Sarah but slightly wider. Her hair was the exact same shade too, but her eyes were steel gray, she was taller and her skin was a tad bit tanner. Other than that the woman was almost an exact replica of Sarah. Next to her was a man who look around the same age as the woman. He was taller than the lady, his hair was a deep, rich brown color and he had a nice build. The mans eyes were the same as her own, green, his smile showed off his dimples and his legs were long. He also had her nose and ears. In the middle of the two adults was Sarah herself. She was…happy, laughing and held each of their hands. Sarah hated the mirror, she wanted to break it. Let it shatter to a million tiny pieces!But she also wanted to pull those two people out the mirror. To cling to them and never let go, which was ridiculous and pathetic to Sarah. She knows it’s not real, but she wants it anyway. Feeling tears threaten to surface, Sarah forced herself away from the mirror and ran straight out the room.

Good work! 20/20 - Clarissa

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Jun 19 2017, 10:34 PM

Name: Sebastian Rosenthorn
House: Slytherin
Year: 7th

Every other minute, Sebastian would shoot the professor a glare of absolute contempt and disdain for the way she so appallingly treated her mirrors. Not one of them appeared to have been moved or cleaned since the beginning of term, which made it terribly difficult for the young narcissist to see his reflection in clearly. Unfortunately, it also meant having to look at the ghastly reptiles populating the classroom instead of his own beautiful visage. They would fawn over him regardless, which made his predicament all the more unfair.

With a disgruntled sigh, the seventh year tuned out the incessant twittering of his troglodytic classmates, by slipping the recent Quidditch scores inside his textbook. He would appear busy to the casual observer, and anybody idiotic enough to look closer would wish they hadn’t immediately after the class finished. With any luck, it would also keep him occupied long enough to take his mind off what happened in Potions recently. Being dragged away from the vial of Amortentia by his boyfriend left the wizard with a bitter taste in his mouth. The very idea of love potions always would.

”Oh, it means somebody so ugly that beating them to death with a shoe would be a favour to mankind.” The wizard overheard the response and snorted, thoroughly amused by the acerbic bluntness. After that, the lesson plummeted downhill at breakneck speed as Professor Church droned on about the Mirror of Erised. By the woman’s third of fourth intake of breath, he could already see where this was headed; the entire class would have to take turns standing in front of the contraption.

As it so often happened, Sebastian was right. Refusing to move any more quickly than absolutely necessary, the young Slytherin cursed the predictability of the teaching staff and elbowed his way through the crowd. He almost stomped on a first year who didn’t dive out of the way quickly enough. ”... You also can’t see anything that other people do, so you at the front, crane your neck in and gossip with your friends while you wait your turn.” No sooner were these words spoken, the entire classroom suddenly became eerily quiet. He didn’t blame them. There was absolutely no way on this planet the viper would speak to these bumbling cretins voluntarily.

Thoroughly bored, not to mention wanting to get this over with, the Head Boy refused to wait any longer and, dragging a short Ravenclaw backwards by their robe, he barged to the front. The first thing Sebastian noticed was not himself. His mouth turned dry when the familiar form of Nash Jennings approach from behind, sliding both arms around his chest, and he felt nothing. When the Gryffindor’s chin came to rest upon his shoulder, there was no weight. No warm breath against his ear when the other wizard’s silver eyes closed as he leaned into the embrace.

Sebastian didn’t freeze up the way he usually did when somebody initiated physical contact that way. He knew it wasn’t real, and yet his heart ached with a painful longing to feel what his eyes could see. Not for the first time, he wondered if he would ever stop feeling this intensely. They had been together, in one way or another or another, for almost a year, and every molecule in his body still felt drawn to the other wizard.

Iron-grey eyes searched every inch of his reflection. Obviously the Mirror wouldn’t show him something he already had, meaning he’d missed a small, but terribly significant, detail. Along his bottom lip, the scar he received from his boyfriend’s bite stood out in shades of russet and bronze against his pale skin. Sebastian otherwise ignored his mirror self; one could not improve upon perfection. Instead, his gaze travelled over Nash, whose body he knew every bit as well as own, right down to the callused lining the Werewolf’s hands.

The Head Boy paled when he finally saw it. A large, rectangular ring set with silver and onyx lay against the ring finger of Nash’s left hand. Flowing from the band, a pattern of briar thorns lay across the stone, crowned with a single rose. Instinctively, Sebastian glanced away from the reflection to see the ring settled upon his index finger, where he’d worn the heirloom inscribed with his name since the day he turned eleven. The wizard needn’t have bothered. He could still feel the substantial weight of it resting upon his hand.

Goblin made, the Rosenthorn family ring would resize to fit whomever wore it. However, the name engraved into the band where the thorns began would only change for those born, or married, into the family. With his heart hammering in his chest, the Slytherin moved close enough to read an inscription that shouldn’t be there.

He froze, rooted to the spot by the enchanted reflection, and the name upon the ring; Nashua. Closing his eyes, Sebastian counted backwards from ten in time with his breathing. When he opened them again, nothing had changed and the sense of panic creeping under his skin grew, spreading until he felt the weight of the room around him closing in. Each molecule of air held the weight of a brick. Breathing became close to impossible. Even just standing upright felt close to carrying the world upon his back. Although he loved, and would do anything for, Nash, including laying down his life as once believed he'd done, the wizard felt confused and terrified by the very idea of marriage. From his experience growing up in a heartless family, to tie oneself in law and make those vows to another could never be a good thing. Yet he clearly desired it more than anything, if the lore of the Mirror was to be regarded as the stark and unembellished truth.

Torn, the viper cast his gaze upwards, taking in every familiar detail of Nash’s face until his heart felt as though it were being torturously pulled in two directions at once. Automatically, it felt the draw of the person it constantly sought, who made up its missing parts, while at the same time, logic and fear drove their hooks in and yanked harder still. With his hands trembling, the wizard tore his eyes from the illusion and dragged himself away, staring at the floor as he drunkenly stumbled and took his seat.

Good work! 20/20 - Clarissa

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