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 Daily Prophet, issue #1
Leona West
 Posted: Mar 31 2017, 06:31 PM


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LONDON 3/31/2017



It comes as no surprise that after all the community has been through lately we’d elect a new Minister; however the choice of who that is may shock you. Gregory James, thirty-eight, and former Head of Hufflepuff has been known in the past to be considered quite shady. In fact, rumors are abound that the moniker itself had been tagged to his name by students. In times of crisis the Ministry will of course bring in someone they deem fit enough to run the country, but it seems that the Ministry itself has perhaps made a blunder considering his background.

When asked about the decision, the only comment received from their representatives was, ”Who better to bolster the nation’s defenses and heal the country than somebody with experience in politics and the Dark Arts? A specialist no less.” Perhaps they’re right. Though we don’t know much about Minister James, we do know that he definitely has some experience as the Dark Arts he supposedly used were solely for the Ministry's dealings, though that in itself seems unethical. He’s also been part of a few battles that have taken place including the most recent where he helped the castle regain control after Theron Balavan tried to take over. Lasting through a battle like that surely would give one an upper hand in knowing what to do should something else arise. It seems, however, that there is a lull in activity around the community as we continue to pick up the pieces. So here's to hoping we don't have to deal with another war anytime soon.

In order to celebrate our victory properly, the Ministry has allowed the Wizarding community to hold a Music Festival in which there will be many new artists playing for us as well as some of your favorites - and no, we aren’t talking about Muggle Bands here. The Wizarding royalty of the music industry will be there! Don’t be surprised if you see a group you like up on stage. This will be held at Hyde Park in London where the Ministry already has their people going in and setting Muggle Repellent boundaries to ensure that this event goes on without any incidents.

And in other news, the whereabouts of the young Meghan Frisk are still unknown. While her partner in crime, Matt GreenSpark was brought in for questioning and held trial at the Wizengamot it seems that he may have made an escape and has perhaps fled the country. No one knows what has really happened to either of the two and while supporters of the rogue group, League of Liberatas, have been questioned thoroughly the dynamic duo are still both at large and in hiding. The Ministry asks that if you know anything about their whereabouts to contact them immediately and discreetly.

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