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 The Quibbler, Issue 1
Caelan Ellsworth
 Posted: May 1 2017, 01:40 PM


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The Quibbler
             March 24, 2014
Reported by Caelan Ellsworth

The Gossip

Nobody does gossip better than us, and oh boy so we have some juicy gossip for you today! For starters, it seems that Amara Vaughn has been named as Hogwarts new caretaker though you might have noticed something a little odd about her considering she’s donning a nice pair of fangs. That’s right, Miss. Vaugh is the newest vampire to be added to the Hogwarts staff as she’ll be joining Lars, the music professor. On top of that, the new caretaker was recently caught in a drinking contest with the infamous Rowan before the music professor eventually stepped in and dragged her out.

Another really juicy piece of gossip we have regards Hufflepuff’s own Charlotte Baker. We overheard a little birdy talking to the girl and they may or may not have mentioned that Miss. Baker could be hiding quite the secret. Does this Hufflepuff have a bun in the oven? Only time will tell and we can’t wait to see if the rumor is true or not! We also are awaiting to see Halsey’s reaction since the sugar addict seems to be into her. Speaking of guys who are odd, Viktor Devane was seen chatting it up with a couple of girls, an surprise, he actually kept conscious and didn't run away! Maybe he has a little thing for Ms. Moreau. Either way, it looks like he and Ms. Templeton are getting along as well.

Lastly, what exactly is up with Levi Whitacre and Sebastian Rosenthorn? One moment the two of them are calling each other names and next we hear Whitacre claiming Rosenthorn as his boyfriend! It was during the music festival that we witnessed the Gryffindor latching himself onto the Head Boy and telling another girl that he was taken by the moody Slytherin, but last we checked, Sebastian was seeing the Gryffindor Quidditch Captain while Levi seemed to be chasing a fellow housemate so we can’t wait to get to the bottom of this one!

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