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 Love You Just A Little Too Much, cami's plotter :3
Camilla Holbrook
 Posted: Nov 23 2017, 12:52 PM


17 YEARS OLD Gryffindor Member Seventh Year

(2 posts)

camilla holbrook
he is the oldest of five. With a deadbeat alcoholic of a father and bipolar mother, her job was to protect her siblings. She did a damn good job, too, until her fifteenth birthday, when her little brother Ethan got old enough to look after the kids. Then, she chose the easy way out, ticket to paradise at her dream school while the future of her siblings were left in limbo– she wakes up every morning with the taste of guilt in her mouth. At seventeen, Camilla Holbrook feels responsible.

She repents by trying to keep herself straight at school. She gets good grades, stays out of trouble, and mostly keeps to herself. Because Camilla knows that if she doesn’t, she’ll relapse– in the way of a true adrenaline junkie. She’s addicted to chaos and the thrill of the rush, something she’s learning to hide and eventually snuff out, for her sake and her family’s. But when her grip on her self-control does falter, Cami makes all the wrong moves. And she’ll tell you that she’s looking for someone who’s in it for the long run, and she is, but somehow she will always get herself wound up with the boy who’s a bad idea.

Despite all of this, Camilla puts the ones she loves before herself every time. She is witty and smart, never afraid of a challenge. While she’s not easy to warm up to at first, once you’ve earned Camilla’s trust, you’re looking at a girl who will be at your side, through thick and thin. It is her nature to nurture, and she will never hesitate to protect her friends and family– no matter the cost.

chaotic — independent — emotional — selfless

Hunter Whitmore
 Posted: Nov 26 2017, 08:36 PM


15 YEARS OLD Gryffindor Member Fifth Year

(79 posts)
Metamorphmagus Offline

So... Camilla is a thrill seeker, eh? Let me know if you’d like to be a bad influence on a younger Gryffindor. Hunter actively tries to be naughtier than her older brother and will try anything, particularly if she knows it’s a terrible idea. She is definitely very immature for her age. She can be annoying as hell. However, she will take the fall for anybody she considers a friend, so Hunter can be a valuable, if somewhat grating, individual to have around.

user posted image
Lukas McKinley
 Posted: Nov 26 2017, 08:37 PM


16 YEARS OLD Hufflepuff Member Sixth Year

(14 posts)

Well, I haven't really RPd much lately but I feel like getting back into the swing of things. Lukas would probably be a bad influence. He's pretty spontaneous and goes with the flow. http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/tongue.gif

† Lillz made this for me because I annoy Greg †
user posted image
Emilie Heron
 Posted: Nov 28 2017, 11:57 AM


16 YEARS OLD Ravenclaw Prefect Sixth Year

(28 posts)
Prefect Offline

I’m busy right now so replies and messages will take a few days but if you don’t mind that I have both Emilie and Marisol if you are interested in writing with either of them. Marisol is a sporty beach girl who loves surf, water and her family, she has just pushed her friends away too except for one so she’s in a vulnerable place right now. Emilie is more spirited and outgoing, she loves partying and music and doesn’t hold a grudge when people do her wrong apart from the one enemy she has at the moment.
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