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 That's The Beauty Of A Secret, closed.
Jun 19 2017, 05:46 PM

(any god moddig done was discussed and approved before hand)

It has been nearly two and a half months since Levi had offered Maia sanctuary at his place during the full moon. Two and a half months since things had gone badly and she had somehow managed to get out and take a swipe at him. The two of them hadn’t really talked about her attacking him since it happened, in fact, he figured out pretty early into the term that the Ravenclaw was doing everything she could to avoid him at all costs. At first the veela simply ignored it since he assumed she probably just needed some time to herself, but after awhile it was made pretty clear that he was going to have to be the one to make the first move.

At first Nash and Elena had both been pretty adamant about finding out who exactly had attacked him, Nash more so because he had seemed to be worried that he had been the one who did it, but they had eventually decided to stop pushing him on the subject after he insisted that the person who did it hadn’t meant to and that he didn’t want to out them. Well, at least Nash had stopped asking about, his girlfriend was a whole other story but he knew it was just because she cared and had been worried about him. Despite having to spend most of his break feeling sore, weak, and tired, he wasn’t mad at the werewolf and didn’t hold it against her.

Being that he had refused to let anyone know the other werewolf that night had been her, he had to go out of his way to make sure that he’d be able to talk to her without any of the others around or finding out about it either. It hadn’t been easy to find out when she would be out of class, but after quite a bit of digging, he managed to find out that potions was her last class of the day and had quietly made his way into the dungeons. God I really hope she doesn’t overreact and try to hex me or something. he thought as he casually leaned against the wall next to the door that the brunette would be walking out of any moment.

As if right on a cue, his eyes quickly caught sight of her and he grabbed onto her arm before she could get too far away from him. ”We need to have a talk...somewhere away from everyone else.” he stated bluntly as he guided her around the corner and into a classroom that was normally closed off due to it not being used for anything. It was a little dirty and the dust in the air didn’t help things, but this was as good a place as any for them to have a chat. At least here he had a little bit of a chance of running off if she got too angry at him.

”You can try and avoid me all you want but that’s not going to change what happened and we need to talk about it.” he stated with a sigh. The two of them weren’t exactly good friends or anything but he didn’t like the fact that she was going around beating herself up over something she literally had no control over. ”You do realize that nobody even knows it was you, right? I didn’t tell any of them, in fact, they didn’t even know you were over for the night because I never got around to telling them you were staying since I was preoccupied with Elena.” he added on. Maybe if she’d be more willing to talk if she knew he was the only one who actually knew it was her.

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