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 F Is For Family, who do things togehter
Jun 15 2017, 03:47 PM

(I was given permission to god mode both Viktor and Hunter. a special power will be used.)

Having his dad straight out tell him that he didn’t see his mom as anything other than his best friend was one thing, but this was something completely different and something that Vince couldn’t even believe the man had been hiding in the first place. If it hadn’t been for the fact that he accidentally heard a couple of people talking about the whole thing, he’d be still living his life totally unaware of the situation. I guess ignorance really is bliss. he thought bitterly as he started to drag his twin up the stairs with him. He hadn’t said much to Viktor other than they were going to visit their dad and he was required to come along.

With one sibling in tow, it was time to find the other one and that was something that might not be as easily done. All Vince really knew about the girl was that she was a Gryffindor and in the year below him, something that actually grated on him quite a bit. If she was so close to him in age then that meant….well, things that he didn’t like to think about. He never pegged his dad to be a player considering the fact that his presence alone seemed to be enough to scare women away and he was worse than a teenager when it came to actually dealing with women, but obviously that hadn’t always been the case. Who knew.

But who? he wondered as he finally entered the corridor that lead to the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw common rooms. Neither one of his parents had ever mentioned his dad being with someone else in the past let alone having a kid with them, so did that mean his mom didn’t know either? That thought merely cause him to narrow his eyes and tighten his grip on his counterpart as he approached a Gryffindor who looked to be no older than a first or second year. ”Give me the pass---” he started to demand but instead ignored the kid and brushed past him as his eyes landed on the person he had been looking for; Hunter.

Any anger he had been previously feeling started to dissipate as he looked at her with a quirked brow wondering why she was messing with the Ravenclaw banners. ”Come on blondie, we have a family field trip to make and interestingly enough, that involves you as well.. You can destroy whatever banners you want once we get back.” he announced before grabbing her as well and dragging both her and Viktor to his mom’s office; the only place in the school with a fireplace they could use to get to the desired destination. After his portkey incident, he figure this was the most reliable way to get to his dad for now.

Now safely inside the office, the Hufflepuff took out some floo powder he ‘borrowed’ from his mom and gave a little to everyone to use. ”We’re not supposed to be doing this, but we’re going to the Ministry to have a talk with our dad. Yes, our. I don’t know who your mom is but she’s been lying to you about who your actual dad is, so surprise!” he announced only to hear Hunter mention something about it not being possible to have two dads. Apparently what he had just said went completely over her head, but she’d understand soon enough. ”Just do this and I’ll sneak you into the Hufflepuff common room and you can throw glitter everywhere.” he bargained as he watched his twin step into the fireplace before quickly disappearing.

Once the Gryffindor finally followed Viktor’s example, Vince followed suite and quickly found himself entering his dad’s office though he instantly realized the other two weren’t there with him. ”Oh god, I lost them both.” he stated as anxiety started to surge through them. If they weren’t there then where did they end up? ”I’ll figure out where they went in a minute because you lied to us!” he yelled at the man sitting in front of him. ”Does Beauregarde ring a bell because whoever she is, she has a kid and I just recently found out that you’re her freaking dad! Is that why you wouldn’t get with mom? Are you messing around with some lady in secret? Is this why you don’t want to be our dad?” he went on before going to cast a spell wandlessly only for it to not work right and instead cause something close by to shatter all over the place.

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Jun 16 2017, 11:29 AM

(If you see any godmoding in this post, it has been approved.)

Having the Minister constantly break into the Department of Mysteries just to complain about the security was a new occurrence. Since his appointment, he’d been found behind the security lines sitting there on a comfy chair with a newspaper and coffee three times - that she knew of. This morning has been slightly different. The wizard had received a few minor burns from the new spells put in place, and stood sipping his morning dose of caffeine as though it was a perfectly normal thing to do.

”... and when I asked the team to think of the security layers like a Muggle firewall, I didn’t mean a literal wall of fire...” The man continued rambling on, and Bay rolled her dark eyes at him from across the desk. They were sat in his office, with her on a sofa to accommodate her girth, and Greg was still going on about their supposed security issues. What she really wanted to talk about was the magic going wrong in different parts of the country. Unexplainable magic was in her remit as an Unspeakable after all. It was also more interesting than listening to yet another lecture on how lax her department's security seemed to be.

”... but I was stumped for a minute by the secondary layer of puzzles,” he finally concluded the droning speech without so much as a change in expression. Bay made ready to roll her eyes again automatically and stopped herself. ”Really?” She asked as she changed position to cross one hefty leg over the other and elicited a loud groan of protest from the furniture.

”No, not really.” The African native pursed her lips at the man’s response. She had a feeling he was being deliberately obtuse and decided it must be something to do with his injury. ”I don’t understand what you want me to do about it. I just work in the department. Go complain to your security team.” The witch spoke in a deep, booming guttural tone. She didn’t worry about speaking to her boss that way. He might be getting used to it - or he simply didn’t give a shit as long as she got the job done.

”Do you want a report on how far the magical anomalies appear to have spread or not?” She cut straight to the point. This was the reason she’d spent half the morning seeking the man out - to update him on the verified reports flooding in from all the departments. An update he had asked to happen twice weekly. Her blackened irises searched the Minister for any slight change in his expression and she sighed when she couldn’t find one. It was like speaking to a rock. She should know what that felt like - practicing magic on the local scenery had been a big feature in her education.

A copy of yesterday’s Daily Prophet lay closed upon the desk with the front page almost swallowed up by a huge picture of the new Deputy Minister that Gregory had drafted in from among the staff Hogwarts. Even upside down the picture on the front was almost as hot as the flutterings in the pit of her stomach. ”I wouldn’t mind doing unspeakable things to that man.” She practically skewered the image of Ashton McAlister against the desk with a chunky finger. Hopefully she would get to work with him directly.

At that moment, a whooshing noise came from the fireplace and the witch moved with a speed that shouldn’t be possible for somebody her size. The Minister’s fireplace should be a one-way travelling system in case of emergency. Floo powder or not, nobody should be able to to use it to get inside this office at all. She could think of only one thing; somebody was breaking in.

In the blink of an eye, she was on the other side of the room preparing to strike. He appeared to be a school child - the Minister’s son if his speech was anything to go by. But she knew appearances could be deceiving. At the sudden noise of something breaking in the room, Abayomi flinched slightly and quickly checked that Gregory was fine, before silently taking out her wand and pointing it at the intruder’s back.

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Jun 18 2017, 08:34 PM

(OOC: any godmoding in this post has been pre-approved)

”Go complain to your security team.” That summarised his point nicely. As far as Gregory was concerned, the guttural witch should be working with the security team - or maybe law enforcement. Abayomi would have made a frightening Hit Wizard, and he might prod her in that direction if he trusted the department head as far as he could throw her. The woman’s talents were wasted on… whatever the hell she actually did.

The Welshman sighed, picked up his coffee and leaned back in his high-backed chair and stared blankly at the Half Giantess taking up the entire sofa conjured just for her. His nose wrinkled as the movement caused the pungent smell of burn heal paste filled his nostrils, and he took a sip of the steaming beverage to block it out. She was right of course; Gregory asked for a report on the magical anomalies to be given to im twice weekly, although by now he’d expected the situation to be fixed instead of growing worse by the day. The team of Unspeakables dispatched to Hogwarts still didn’t have the haywire magic of the ley lines under control. He could only imagine how freaked out both the staff and students alike would be by having the Ministry popping into the Astronomy tower constantly.

”I wouldn’t mind doing unspeakable things to that man.” Her attempt at a joke made the expressionless wizard feel an urge to facepalm. Abayomi sounded like a broken record. Her jokes were always the same, and not even remotely funny the first time. At the start of his appointment as Minister, the wizard had asked about what the woman actually did. It was always the same; ’unspeakable things’. Her sense of humour was worse than his, and that’s saying something.

Gregory inhaled deeply and proceeded to ignore the witch, until he realised she actually appeared to be serious about fancying the new Deputy Minister. He kept that in mind in case he grew bored and needed the entertainment at some point. Hiding his amusement like a seasoned pro, the former professor sighed heavily and set his empty mug on the table. ”What you would or wouldn’t do to Ashton aside, the security of the Ministry and the magical anomalies breaking out are equally as im -” he was cut off in the middle of speaking by roaring of flames, followed by the swish of somebody using the Floo Network.

While the intruder tumbled to the floor covered in soot, Gregory backed up with his hands up and fingers splayed in preparation to hex them into next week if they tried anything. Fortunately for them both, the man recognised his son immediately, although he didn’t relax just yet. It could be an elaborate disguise, after all. ”Oh god, I lost them both,” the youth whined after frantically looking around the room. ”I’ll figure out where they went in a minute because you lied to us!” Even without recent developments, he would have been able to tell Vincent from his brother by all that yelling. The boy’s twin brother avoided confrontation at all costs, and had developed heterochromia from one of the many head injuries he kept receiving.

As Vincent continued yelling, the name Beauregarde hit him like a blow to the gut. The force of hearing the name after all these years almost drowned out the accusations and questions. Thankfully he trusted the frank witch not to say anything outside of these walls. Speaking of Bay… His stomach felt like it had been plunged into a bucket of ice when he realised she wasn’t where she was supposed to be. For a witch her size, she could be terrifyingly silent and deadly.

Before he could issue a warning, one of the grand bookshelves beside the desk exploded in a shower of parchment and splinters. Gregory scarcely managed a wandless shield when he felt a shard of wood pierce the back of his hand. The shield instantly dropped as he recoiled and pressed the injury against his chest. Over the Vincent shoulder, he saw Abayomi reappear with her wand pointed at the boy’s back. ”Bay, stop! That’s my son!” The man bellowed, his unaffected hand outstretched to stop the woman forcefully if necessary.

He inhaled deeply in relief when the woman grumbled about intruders using the emergency evacuation system to get in, but otherwise lowered her wand. ”Then look into it. In the meantime, you’re dismissed.” Gregory didn’t allow his relief show until she mumbled and left. He fled to Vincent, pulled him into a brief one-handed hug and began checking over the boy to see if he was fine, at least visibly if not emotionally. The young Hufflepuff appeared to be anxious and emotional in a way that he only seemed to get when his family could be hurt. It made him feel homesick in a way he'd never felt before, and he longed for the family he struggled to be a part of, with Lilli at its centre and the boys always nearby.

”Never mind my ex-wife. What happened to Viktor?” The absent boy was practically Vincent’s shadow, and relied on him for almost everything. Hopefully he’d misunderstood the yelling amidst the confusion and his other son was safely tucked away in the Hufflepuff common room. As for the story of his marriage, well that could wait.

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Jun 20 2017, 06:10 PM

Normally Vincent probably would have been more concerned with the fact that he had absolutely no idea where his twin or Hunter ended up, but the only thing that he seemed to be able to focus on at the moment was his anger towards his dad. Of course things hadn’t been all that great with them recently with everything that had happened over the last year topped with the fact that he flat out left them to be the Minister of Magic without even really discussing any of it. In fact, the Hufflepuff hadn’t know that his dad was even an option for the spot until suddenly it was announced he was taking on the position.

”Bay, stop! That’s my son!” he heard the older man say before he suddenly realized that they weren’t the only two people in the room. There not far from him was the tallest woman he had ever seen in his life and could probably stomp on him if she wanted. Thankfully whatever she had intended to do never happened as she seemingly backed off once his dad had mentioned that he was in fact his child and not some random intruder, though he couldn’t promise he didn’t pose any sort of threat to the man considering everything that seemed to be boiling over.

Whoever the giant woman was, she didn’t seem all that pleased about him being there let alone his method of actually getting in. The more he thought about it the more he realized that it had actually been a little on the easy side getting into his dad’s office which meant there was a hole in their security. At least it was me to find it and not some crazy person bent on trying to kill my dad. he thought, but it was quickly pushed to the back the second the minister told the lady to “look into it” and then came over and hugged him once she was out of the room.

”Are you on something because you never hug me.” he stated bluntly as he wondered why he was being looked at as if he had been hurt or something.
[b]”Never mind my ex-wife. What happened to Viktor?”[/color] instead of responding right away, all Vince could manage to do was stare at the man and let out a frustrated, high pitched shriek. Did he just hear his dad right? How had he even managed to get anyone that wasn’t his mom to marry him? Now his anger seemed to be split between the minister and whoever his mystery ex-wife was.

”SINCE WHEN THE HELL DID YOU HAVE AN EX-WIFE AND A KID YOU NEVER TOLD US ABOUT?!” he yelled out in disbelief. Was this actually happening right now? ”You’re truly unbelievable. Whatever, I have other things to worry about like where the flying hell my brother and apparent sister ended up. We all used the floo network so they should have ended up here alongside me.” he sighed before spinning around and trying to walk out of the office. What if Viktor and Hunter ended up somewhere dangerous? If anything happened to either of them then it’d be completely his fault.

Great RPing! 5 points to Hufflepuff - Bryn

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Jun 21 2017, 02:47 PM

Within seconds of the door slamming shut, the sound of Abayomi’s deep, booming voice could be heard shouting muffled instructions down the corridor. Hopefully he hadn’t annoyed the woman too much by shooing her from the room like that. The Half Giantess was one of the few Ministry workers who didn’t appear to be either afraid of him or bothered by his shady reputation. She also didn’t mince her words, and he generally preferred dealing with people who spoke their mind. Being accused of never hugging his children hit a sore spot, however, not knowing when it would be appropriate or even wanted. He’d tried so hard over the years to be a part of the family, but he failed at it miserably.

Gregory removed his trusty vine wand and started working on getting the splinter free while he tried to block out the witch’s rumbling speech. It was slow and painful, and with a wince, the Welshman noticed his son glaring and realised he’d probably said something wrong. He seemed to do that an awful lot around the twins lately. Before he could say anything suitably placating, Vincent let out a high pitched wail that would have made him swear the teenager was part Banshee - if he didn’t know the boy’s mother very well.

”SINCE WHEN THE HELL DID YOU HAVE AN EX-WIFE AND A KID YOU NEVER TOLD US ABOUT?!” Vincent yelled right into his face. It wasn’t difficult, there could have only been a couple of inches difference in their heights. Painfully, he was reminded of how much he missed watching them grow up even as he realised Vince wouldn’t give up on getting the answers. Not knowing what happened to Viktor gnawed at him from the inside, but if they were going to find the boy any time soon, he would have to appease the elder twin.

As he let out a sigh of equal parts frustration and defeat, Vince carried on ranting. The Minister did absolutely nothing to stop him. The young Hufflepuff had earned the right to yell at him for not being there over the years in the capacity he needed. ”You’re truly unbelievable. Whatever, I have other things to worry about like where the flying hell my brother and apparent sister ended up. We all used the floo network so they should have ended up here alongside me.” Once the tirade had finished, the boy spun around, located the exit, and made a hasty retreat towards it.

Wordlessly, the Minister turned his wand on the door and sealed it shut. Nobody was getting through there. Not until he’d explained his love life to his own son, apparently. ”Nicolette Beauregarde died in a car crash more than 15 years ago.” Gregory took a teep breath and cleared his throat. People assumed he didn’t have a heart, although he did, he just hid his emotions very well. He often repressed them, and feared losing control of himself to that cold, emotionless state he slipped into all too easily. ”We towards the end of my final year school and got married almost straight out of it. We argued most days. Yes, I can get worked up like that,” he informed the boy, who had never seen his father raise his monotonous voice so much as an octave before, and probably never would.

”Nico was practically an expert at getting under my skin.” The wizard rubbed the bridge of his nose absently. This was a tale he never planned on telling. Only one person knew the whole story of his marriage, and that was Lilliana. ”We weren’t ready for children, but your mothers were, and I agreed right away. With Nicolette’s approval, of course. Then, shortly after you were born, I was ordered abroad by the Ministry on, ah, international duties. My wife had been dead for weeks when I returned,” he took a deep breath, like a swimmer coming up for air, ”or so I thought.”

”She turned up out of the blue at the gig I found you and Viktor at, then she ran away when I confronted her. I didn’t know she was still alive, and you said she had… a daughter.” My daughter, the wizard nearly finished. The twins were the best thing to ever happen to him, but he wasn’t quite ready to think about having a daughter he didn’t know just yet.

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