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 Face Claim
Ashton Mcalister
 Posted: Mar 2 2017, 02:58 PM


31 YEARS OLD Ravenclaw Moderator 45 POSTS
♰ Deputy Minister of Magic Offline


First come, first serve. No fighting over face claims and nobody is to have the same face claim unless they're playing twins or triplets. Anyone who goes inactive for 2+ months will lose their claim. To claim, just reply to this thread with the format listed at the bottom. If you're wanting to change claims then reply below stating so and along with who your current claim is and who you're changing it to http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif

A - B - C - D - E

Alex Gaskarth - Lars Beckham
Alexander Ludwig - Sasha Ivchenko
Alexander Skarsgard - Riordan Wildes
Amanda Seyfried - Abigail Blackwood
Andreja Pejic - Frankie Devane
Angelina Jolie - Lilliana Devane
Anson Mount - Rhett Crenshaw
Arden Cho - Livia Ackerman
Bailee Madison - Katarina Thorne
Blake Lively - Gwenevere Finnigan
Brendon Urie - Michael Halsey
Bryana Holly - Amara Vaughn
Calum Hood - Jeremy Baldwin
Cam Gigandet - Dustin McNamara
Camila Mendes - Maddison Cortez
Cara Delevingne - Elena Baldwin
Charlotte Free - Hunter Whitmore
Chloe Norgaard - Rosalind Scott
Chris Pratt - Grayson Crenshaw
Chris Wood - Sebastian Rosenthorn
Christopher Mason - Jasper St. James
Claire Boucher - Andromeda Merricks
Colin O'Donoghue - Damien Blackwood
Cole Sprouse - Tiberius Malachi Winterley
Daniel Sharman - Elliot Wainwright
Dave Franco - Austin Holliday
Dayana Crunk - Hailee Levitt
Drake Bell - Wil Anon
Derek Theler - Jamie Crenshaw
Ebba Zingmark - Aubergine La Roux
eddie redmayne - pierce rossi-wright
Elodie Yung - Charlotte Baker
Eliza Dushku - Isabeau Farrell
Elizabeth Gillies - Channary Blackburn
Emilia Clark - Danielle Ashford
Francisco Lachowski - Kellin Danvers
Freyja NicLeòid - Kate Bromley

F - G - H - I - J

Felicia Day - Brynlee Silversmit
Gabourney Sidibe Abayome Ogunleye
Gal Gadot - Sybil Pierce
Gemma Arterton - Cecily Faulkner
Gerard Way - Louis Clifford
Gigi Hadid - Cassie Sullivan
Grant Gustin - Lukas McKinley
Hailee Steinfeld - Autumn Falls
Harvey Haydon - Nash Jennings
Holland Roden - Poppy Stark
Hugh Dancy - Finnigan Cross
Jack Barakat - Benjamin Rayner
Jared Gilmore - Xavier Moorstead
Jared Leto - Abel Tonkins
Jamie Dornan - Jackson Hale
Jensen Ackles - Brennon Ambrosi
Jennifer Lawrence - Chelsee Law
Jerome Adamoli - Josè Basurto
Jessica Chastain Lexington Hewitt
John Boyega - August Selby
Julia Roberts - Claire Baldwin
Juliette Angelo - Rachel Owens

K - L - M - N - O

Kat Dennings - Leona West
Katherine McNamara - Azalea Stark
Katherine Moennig - Shane Gray
Kaya Scodelario - Faine Denton
Kristen Stewart - catherine murphy
Lauren Cohan - Piper West
Lee Chae-rin aka CL - Skya Terell
Lee Pace - Loras Devane
Lena Headey - Jocelyn Wells
Lesley Ann Brandt - Arkadia Blumberg
Lucas Till - Miles Newberry
Lucy Hale - Addison Blackwood
Luke Hemmings - Nicholas Wildes
Maddie Ziegler - Camila Nash
Maia Mitchell - Natalie Blackwood
Malese Jow - Maia Williams
Margot Robbie - Sarah Holland
Marie Avgeropoulos - Ramona King
Matt Lanter - Vincent James & Viktor Devane (twins)
Max Irons - Morgan Banks
Megan Fox - Elise Devane
Michael Clifford - Levi Whitacre
Mila Kunis - Anastasiya Markovna
Misha Collins - Gregory James
Nadech Kugimiya - Kit Yampiu
Naomie Harris -Margaret O’Connell
nastya kumarova - Serendipity Collins
Nate Buzolic - Nikolas Eldridge
Nathalie Emmanuel - Angelique Leclerq
nico tortorella - Cade Abbott
Nina Dobrev - Victoria Pavlova
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau - Rourke Grant

P - Q - R - S - T

Park Hyung Sik - Nathan Jayne
Rena Lovelis - Emelie Heron Rila Fukushima Kira Toshiko
Robbie Kay - Oliver Gray
Rosario Dawson - Clarissa Church
Robert Kazinsky - Matt Greenspark
Ruby Rose - Rowan Mortimer
Ryan Ashley - Stormy von Bausch
Ryan Reynolds - Ashton Mcalister
Sara Paxton - Paige Holland
Shailene Woodley - Marisol Blackwater
Sophie Turner - Hannah Silversmit
Stephen James - Oliver Scott
Susan Coffey - Sarah Lovely
Taylor Godfrey - Alexis Cole
Tim Borrmann - Liam McKinley
Tom Hiddleston - Alastair Pierce
Tory Green - Claire Templeton
Troian Bellisrio - Nina Russo
Troye Sivan - Ezra Seeley
Tyler Hoechlin - Caleb Atherton

U - V - W - X - Y - Z

Valentina Sampaio - Taylor Devane
Wentworth Miller - Aiden Hollister
Willa Holland - Danica Frisk
Zac Efron - Jesse Crowell
Zach McGowan - Eric Crenshaw
Zoe Sugg - Adelina Moreau


credit goes to carleigh of atf, sds, bi and sp!

For boys:
[b][color=#99B2B7]Celebs name[/color][/b][color=white] - character name[/color]

For girls:
[b][color=#C8A2C8]Celebs name[/color][/b][color=white] - character name[/color]

For non binary:
[b][color=#B6B6B4]Celebs name[/color][/b][color=white] - character name[/color]

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