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 Awards Have Been Tallied!
Lilliana Devane
 Posted: Apr 28 2018, 11:48 AM


38 YEARS OLD Hufflepuff Pureblood Graduate

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Hello Elysians!

We’ve made a full swing as term break begins to wrap up and have wonderful news! The votes are in. We are absolutely amazed at the results, as you all will surely be.

Chosen One: Sebastian Rosenthorn.
Bulletproof: Elena Baldwin.
Protostar: Willa Monroe.
Adulting is Hard: Meghan Frisk.
Legen-wait-for-it-dary: Gregory James.
Top Malefactor: Alastair Pierce.
Toxic Devotee: Tiberius Malachi-Winterley.
One True Pairing: Nash Jennings & Charles the Cat.
Most Infamous: Levi Whitacre.

Now we will say this. Every single winner makes sense… except for the cat. It’s most certainly new to us having a cat win an award. Unfortunately, we’re not sure we can give it a shiny trophy but maybe it’ll be happy enough with a couple treats. You all have done such a marvelous job though and we’re so excited for the upcoming term. Each and every single one of you reading this now has made this site possible, and amazing.

Thank you!

~ Elysium Staff

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