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 The Oracle, Issue #1
Ghost Fox
 Posted: Dec 9 2017, 05:45 PM


?? YEARS OLD Unknown Unknown Sixth Year

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the o℟acle
written for students; by students.
❛I need to win a bet, so you’re going to dance with me then... then kiss me. I’ll arrange a little date or two for the both of us.❜ — Miles Newberry in regards to a mystery Slytherin


Too long has the student body gone without a voice. They took it away and expect us to comply with all their terms but they’re just as ill-mannered and disreputable as they like to believe we are. We’re equal to them and they don’t even realize it. Who is ‘they’? Well, maybe it’s the staff. Maybe it’s entitled rich kids like Sebastian Rosenthorn who thinks his reflection isn’t a mirrored image but absolute perfection; god-like.

Not only is his narcissism a complete joke but this disembodied immortal walking the halls just so happened to be crowned as our Head Boy. Why? Some say as punishment because such a title is beneath him. Let's get one thing straight though, the Rosenthorn name is like uttering Merlin as a common phrase. Giving a title like that to a kid, who happens to be more entitled than the Queen of England, only makes the school look more esteemed than it actually is.

That’s not really news is it though? He’s been waving that position around for quite some time now and it’s common knowledge. What may be interesting is that his ego recently took a big hit after Gryffindor Quidditch Captain, Nash Jennings, broke off their engagement. Sources close to the former couple stated that Sebastian was caught cheating with none other than Levi Whitacre, a strange anomaly in comparison.

Meanwhile, Whitacre was seen cruising the halls with Oliver Scott, the shirtless Ravenclaw. Notably, there have been several witnesses that say the two were seen leaving an empty classroom quite disheveled. It’s pretty obvious to anyone who has eyes what they were up to. They aren’t the only ones in the hot seat though. In fact, the corruption and rule-bending doesn’t end there but significantly revolves around our school staff who don’t seem to know just when to put a stop to their own antics, let alone the student body.

Take the ultimate staff power couple for example, a cross between the Addams Family and Vampire Diaries, Beckham and Vaughn. At a glance, they may even seem like two cozy lovebirds but take into account that Amara ran away from the school last term only to return after break reunited with Professor Laid-back-and-limp. Evidently, both vampires seem to be rushing their relationship and that’s made very clear by the sighting of Miss Vaughn moving all her things into his living quarters.

The Halloween Ball should have been a lesson on what not to do in social spaces. If you didn’t notice the taller Scott twin carrying off one of our Disc-Jockeys then surely you made note that Harrison Woods - when he wasn’t off somewhere snogging with Miles Newberry like their lives depended on it - was hit multiple times while staff was seen laughing in the face of this. Amid the chaos, a youngling had been seen spiking the punch bowl while staff purportedly drained the concoction.

Throughout the night, there was one staff member missing from the affair. Euan Kincaid, that old man teaching charms, was allegedly found at Somnia that night talking to a cardboard cutout after several drinks too many. That concludes the ‘word on the street’ for now, but this leaves us with a new question today. A strange feeling in the very depths of our consciousness, no doubt, that causes us to wonder about everything it is we know.

Do we really know the people sitting next to us or are they just a small part in the grand scheme; a tool for propagandal misgivings or even a scapegoat for when times get tough. And through it all, what will you be in the end? Will you feed into the chaos and allow this behavior to continue or will you stand for what’s right and have a voice? Stay informed folks.

oracle issue № 1 ♠

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