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 Sibling Wanted: Max Baker
Charlotte Baker
 Posted: May 9 2018, 08:12 AM


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I am currently looking for somebody to play Charlie’s younger half brother; Maxwell Baker.

Max is the youngest of five Muggle-born children, and the second to have magical ability. He is exceptionally curious, intelligent, loves comic books, and has a tendency to do things he probably shouldn't, such as that time he took Charlotte’s broom and almost got caught making it hover in front of a Muggle at the family garage. While he is close to his sister, Max seems to have developed an inexplicably deep bond with Michael Halsey, Charlie’s oddball boyfriend.

Max and Charlotte live in London with their parents, in a small three bedroom apartment above the family owned garage. During term breaks he shares a room with his brother, Ethan, who is a year older. Charlie works at the garage in the term breaks and Max usually comes home with her. Their mother and their brother, Stephen, work full time at the garage, while their father works in construction.

I want this character to belong to the person who takes it on, so aside from the information contained in this post and Charlie’s plotter (click) , Max is an open character who can be written however the writer chooses. That means you can choose his plots, his play by, and any traits not already listed for him.

NAME: Maxwell Baker (aka Max)
YEAR: Currently any year up to, and including, fourth year.
AGE: 11 to 15, this is your choice. He must remain at least two years younger than Charlie, who is currently 17.
BLOOD STATUS: Muggle born
HOUSE: Ravenclaw is preferable, although Hufflepuff or Gryffindor could be a good fit.
APPEARANCE: Dark hair, otherwise the rest is up to the writer
TRAITS: Curiosity, intelligence, loves comic books
FAMILY: Reyes Baker (mother), Daniel Baker (father), Aiden Ryan (older half brother, mother’s side), Stephen Baker (older half brother, father’s side), Charlotte Baker (older half sister, mother’s side), Ethan Baker (older brother)

PLEASE NOTE: if Max’s writer becomes inactive for a long time, I will attempt to contact them to find out if they still wish to write Max, and if they are uncontactable or an agreement cannot be made, I may ask an admin to change ownership of his account.

* This request has been filled and the wanted ad is now closed *
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