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 End Of (lumos) Term
Ashton Mcalister
 Posted: Mar 30 2017, 04:32 PM


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It was a long and exciting term over on Lumos as everyone did their best to complete homework and role-play their little hearts out, but as promised, we’re here to finished off the term and give one final farewell to Lumos Alliance as we move forward on Elysium. Without further ado, we would like to give a big congratulations to Hufflepuff for winning the house cup with a whopping 1012 house points! It was a close run between them and Gryffindor, but they managed to come out on top! We would also like to congratulate the top 10 bonus point earners:

Morgan Sherrell, Adelina Moreau, Claire Ellington, Faine Denton, Kiran Reese, Piper West, Levi Whitacre, Cecily Faulkner, Cheyenne Laine, and Elena Baldwin.

With that being said, we have decided to forgo the departmental and site awards due to the fact that while some people are moving their characters over, others have either chosen not to or have decided to start over with completely new characters which makes it hard to nominate people since we don’t necessarily know who’s moving over or who has name changed. Now that’s out of the way, we hope everyone has a wonderful term break and we can’t wait to see you all on May 1st for Elysium’s first official term!

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