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 Faq, Frequently Asked Questions
Lilliana Devane
 Posted: Mar 23 2017, 02:55 PM


38 YEARS OLD Hufflepuff Admin Graduate

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Before you ask...

How do I collapse the cbox?

By clicking the white arrow next to the “Welcome, [username]”

When do terms start and end?

Terms last for 3 months and are currently:

January 1st - March 30th
May 1st - July 31st
September 1st - November 30th

How do I set my signature and avatar?

Go to your “USER CP” at the top of the page. Underneath Personal Preferences you’ll see an area that says “Change Signature” or “Change Avatar”. Remember, we only allow your signature to be as wide as 500 pixels and as tall as 250 pixels. Your avatars will need to be 200 pixels tall and 400 wide otherwise they automatically resize and may look skewed.

Do I always have to be IC (in character)?

You are expected to be in IC in roleplays, although you may include a brief OOC note at the top of your posts. We have forums specifically for OOC stuff here.

What do all of these weird acronyms mean?

EB stands for Elysium Borrowed (this site); HM stands for Headmaster/mistress; DHM stands for Deputy Headmaster/mistress; HoH stands for Head of House; MoM stands for Ministry of Magic; HB/G Stands for Head Boy/Girl; QC stands for Quidditch Captain; PL stands for Prefects Lounge; SL stands for Staff Lounge; CR stands for Common Room; RP stands for roleplay; RPer stands for roleplayer; OOC stands for out of character; IC stands for in character; RL stands for real life.

What is third person?

Elysium requires that all RPs be written in third person which means when you write, you’ll need to use words such as he/she, the girl/boy, the witch/wizard, your character’s name, etc to write your character rather than I, we, you, etc. For example:

“Jane bolted down the stairs as quickly as possible as the great hall doors fell into her view.”


“After finally finishing up his homework, the boy decided that a little fun and relaxation was in order.”

Can I use netspeak?

Only if you want Lilli to drown you in glitter, Ashton to turn you into a fish, and Greg to feed you to the kraken. However, using it in the cbox is fine, but only there. So no typing all: OMGZ dis pl@c3 is de b3st3st nd I lurve eet. While we enjoy your enthusiasm, that crap is annoying and will most likely upset people. No one wants to roleplay with someone who writes like that.

Why do we have to tag certain posts?

Certain posts that border triggering (a phrase we use to describe something that may upset someone who is sensitive to those things or has been through it themselves or something similar) must be tagged so that people have the choice to avoid the topic or go forth and read what is written. It’s a warning so that you can ensure you don’t upset a member of the site unintentionally.

These kinds of tags don’t need to be in absolutely everything but if you happen to think something might be a bit too violent, touches on a sensitive topic, or is perhaps a little over sexual then you’ll want to add a tag to the post. Of course, if it goes beyond what is in the Terms of Service for those using our PG-17 rating, you’ll want to mark the thread as mature so that minors are not subjected to this kind of content. This option will be available shortly once we instate the Mature Content premium feature.

Can I get my account deleted?

As stated in the ToS, the answer is no. We don’t delete accounts but you can request a name change if you have a good reason for doing so. If you plan to do that then you’ll need to discuss it with an admin first. Admin are fairly lenient on this so more often than not we’d rather see an account name-changed and used rather than go inactive.

What if I want to kill my character off?

If you wish to kill off your character then you’ll need to talk to admin about it. Know that if your character dies - this is for good. Be realistic. They can't come back and you can’t use that character outside of OOC things unless you’ve been allowed to make them a ghost. You must have a good reason for their death and, let's think about it, not everyone comes back as a ghost and we can’t have fifty spirits running around because that would not be realistic. With that being said, if the character you’re wanting to kill off is of school age then we ask that you have an extremely good reason for doing so and not just because you’re bored with the character.

How do I become a Prefect/Quidditch Captain?

To become a Prefect you’ll need to be active around the site and have a good record of being friendly towards other members of the site, and once a spot becomes available you’ll be given the opportunity to apply for the spot. Quidditch Captains are usually Co-Captains that have been promoted or at least someone that’s on the team who has been promoted. Once you’re a Prefect or QC, you’re automatically in the running to be Head Boy/Girl when the spot opens as only current Prefects and QC’s are able to get the spot.

What about becoming a professor/site staff?

To become a Professor or Site Staff usually means that you have a bit of experience. It’s not easy to become staff, though, a majority of our staff have come from the previous positions explained and have a great deal of experience dealing with site issues. Occasionally, we may open up applications for Professors so there is a way to apply, however staff will review this application and discuss whether or not you have enough experience, whether you are friendly, and if you’ve been around the site for a while. This does not mean that you have had to hold a position of moderation before, though it does mean we expect a level of maturity from our staff and someone who knows how the website works.

What happened to items?

On Jcink, we do have the option to have stores and items but currently our staff is more focused on making sure you guys get the best writing experience out of the site before we worry about more interactive things. The items that we had on the old site cannot be transferred over here as they were made for that site. So in turn, that would mean that we would be re-making many of the things we had before which is a lot more work than we can handle at the moment. This is, however, something we've discussed and put on a back burner for the future.

What about the Time-Turner?

This forum was made specifically for you guys to move over your threads from Lumos. However, we ask that you only move threads that you have permission to move. That means that all parties or your partner must be prepared to post their own threads part of your roleplay. You absolutely cannot take the work of someone from that website and paste it on here without their permission. It's also a good place to write past events with other members to further your personal plot.

What's with all the thread scripts?

If you see interactive posts that include html that is because we are able to use dohtml templates in our forums to make things look a bit nicer when we post. It's not something you have to do. We also ask that you make sure the code doesn't break the forum either if you decide to use one. There are also many websites that offer free templates for you to use as long as you make sure to credit whoever made it.

So why the move?

Staff have worked very hard to keep the old site open and while it was a functioning site there was very little we could do in terms of scripting and layout. It took a lot just to handle simple requests and we didn't have the man power to continue with scripting php. This is why we decided to move on to a free option where the controls are simplified and we can update things easily. This makes getting back to writing so much easier for staff and every one else alike. We all have agreed that this will, for the most part, make for a much more pleasurable experience for all you writer enthusiasts.

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