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 Role-play Rules
Gregory James
 Posted: May 22 2017, 02:33 PM


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Role-Play Rules

All content submitted to Elysium Borrowed must adhere to the Terms of Service and, where applicable, the Mature Content Rules. The rules below expand on the role-play requirements found in term 13 and explain them in more detail.


Plagiarism will not be tolerated. In short, plagiarism is taking the work of somebody else and trying to pass it off as your own. First offences will result in a warning. Repeated plagiarism may result in suspension, followed by a permanent ban.

Plagiarising in the RP community usually involves copying and pasting a role-play from another website and changing a few minor details, such as the character’s name. However, copying and pasting a specific part of an RP post is also plagiarism. What about copying a character bio? This is also plagiarism.


The absolute minimum post length for a role-play on Elysium Borrowed is a paragraph, which must contain at least two (2) full sentences. All role-plays should be written in English with no ‘netspeak’ or emojis, written in third person (he, she, they pronouns), and in past tense (went, saw, was verbs). Role-plays must be written entirely in-character (IC). Out-of-character (OOC) notes may be added to the top or bottom of a post if they relate to the role-play in some way, contain tags or permissions, or give instructions to other writers. Responding to a closed role-play without the permission of the original poster may result in deletion of that post. Role-plays are usually marked as either open or closed in the topic side notes or an OOC note in the first post. If in doubt, PM the original poster and include an OOC note in your reply if you get permission to participate.


‘Godmoding’ is the action of controlling characters that are not your own. You may never, ever, control a character that exists on Elysium unless you have their permission, which you should clearly note in your response. However, you may control ‘Non-Playing Characters’ (NPCs), such as your character’s parents, pets and some of their friends. NPCs can remain nameless, if you wish. One use of NPCs would be to add more detail to your posts, because it is normal for you to stumble upon friends as you are heading off to an adventure.

Elysium also has a few characters who are named as NPCs on their account profiles so that you will know whether or not they are a regular character or one that is used for SWP or plot purposes for the site as a whole. These site NPCs are actual written characters for plot purposes and are never to be godmoded unless you have permission from staff to do so. If you wish to roleplay with one of these characters, please respond to their plotter or contact a member of the admin team stating why you want to RP with them.

e x a m p l e

Say your character is interacting with another student in a duel. The other person, we'll name Theo, writes:

Theo was unsure of himself a bit in spell casting. As inexperienced as he was a duel is not what he was expecting and yet it happened anyway. As he stared across at his opponent, the boy gulped before pointing his wand and yelling out, "Flipendo!" He wasn't even quite sure if his spell would hit it's mark but he was sure hoping that it did.

For the sake of this example we'll name the other character Travis. Godmoding might look like this from your character's point of view:

Travis was good. He was just a little bit older than Theo and the two had been rivals for quite some time now. When he initiated a duel, his plan was to put this rivalry to an end once and for all. As he heard the other boy shout out the Knockback Jinx, he quickly dodged the spell. Within moments, the older boy shot back, "Immobulus." He calmly watched as the other boy quickly froze to his spot and fell over.

This is an example of godmoding because Travis never gave Theo a chance to react to the spell he cast. In a duel, there might be a bit of god-modding needed, but if Travis doesn’t have permission from Theo, then he shouldn’t have written that he watched him fall over.


Metagaming is the practice of having your character know things that they would not normally know or reacting to something they should not even have access to for reaction. It is having OOC information being used IC. Metagaming, in short, is not allowed on Elysium.

Anything that you and the other writer(s) talks about in private is between you and them. This means that while you may know what’s about to happen, your character will probably not. For example, you may read something in a writer's post about what their character is thinking or about to do, however, your character would not know this and cannot write anything regarding it in their post. To expand on that, if one character is thinking about leaving, your character shouldn’t say "don't leave", unless said character has already stated they want to out loud.

e x a m p l e

Metagaming frequently comes into effect when characters meet for the first time. If Lynn and Briana have never met before, they will not know each other's names until they introduce themselves, or their ages, years, their House (unless they are wearing something symbolizing their House), or pretty much anything about their personalities until they interact and share these traits.

So yay! Let's say Lynn and Briana are friends and they both have a crush on the same dude. Happens all the time right? Well Lynnie here happened to snog that guy, but Bri doesn't know because she wasn't there. Nobody was around to witness it or spread rumors either. So that means, Briana can't post in one of Lynn's role-plays with:

Briana was miffed. She'd trusted Lynn for so long but now the other girl had gone and done it. She'd snogged the one person Briana had liked for the last couple of years and didn't even have the courtesy of talking to her about it. No, but Briana knew. Storming over to their table in the Great Hall, she angrily turned Lynn around and slapped her across the face.

Briana shouldn't know at all unless Lynn has given permission for her to know for their own plot. If Lynn hasn't plotted this out with Briana in advance, there is no reason for Briana’s character to even be the least bit suspicious, let alone have the knowledge IC.

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