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Posted by: Lilliana Devane Mar 11 2017, 03:30 AM
Sorting Application

Here on Elysium, we offer many options for your characters in terms of schooling as well as if your character is even magical or not. Due to this, we have a very simple and quick form we need all members to fill out so that we can get them sorted. Just reply to this thread with the below information. Once you've been sorted your reply will be deleted and you'll be messaged


If your character is a Hogwarts student then you need to list the top two houses that you wish for your character to be sorted into. More often than not we'll give you your first choice, however, in the case that your first choice is currently over populated we ask that you list a second choice as well.


If you're creating an adult then you'll need to state which school of magic your character graduated from. If you're a Hogwarts graduate then make sure to state what house you were in.

In the case of muggles and squibs, your schooling will simply be "other schooling" and you'll need to state that your character is non-magical and whether they're a muggle or squib.

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