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 Pop Event Started!
Lilliana Devane
 Posted: Apr 8 2018, 05:11 PM


38 YEARS OLD Hufflepuff Pureblood Graduate

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Flyer's have been floating around Diagon for days. Students and adults alike have been awestruck and spreading rumors. As one whisps by you on the street, you finally get the nerve to snatch it out of the air and look at the print.

'Catch me if you can' says the note out loud upon being opened, causing a stir as people turn to look at you confused. How great. A charmed piece of paper to catch your attention, right? Yet it's not the voice coming from it that piques your interest. It's what's painted on parchment. It's a triangle with an eyeball dead center, but the black ink has specks - glistening specks of silver and gold - which you can only assume whoever had done such a thing used.... glitter.

So, great.. right? This can only mean one thing.

Find the door with the same mark.

Note: This pop event will be going until the end of term break. Have fun and remember to follow the Terms of Service.

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