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 Background Plot, Site history and background plot.
Gregory James
 Posted: Mar 9 2017, 09:01 AM


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For divided we fall.

The wizarding community came together to bring down the Dark Lord, building an era of peace and unity from the ashes of the fallen in the wake of his demise. Every attempt to seize his mantle was resisted. The people had spoken; there would be no more fear and segregation, no more wars. Forever an intangible aspect of the human condition, the darkness persisted and a Dark Lady rose to the challenge, emerging from the bravest and strongest to gain control. Avialle Rosenberg left a trail of anarchy wherever she went, and yet the country stood together to bring down their adversary and rid the world of her taint.

And so the world stood triumphant, the defeat of another dark enemy proof of their newfound greatness. The following years of peace made them complacent. With no common enemy, these once united people grew apart and cracks began to appear. Before long, whispers of dark tidings surfaced, rumours of a new threat that were pushed aside in favour of scandal and idle gossip. Surely the era of peace would continue.

With the wizarding world buried in denial, several disappearances went unnoticed until creatures attacked Hogwarts and students were snatched from inside the castle walls. The tension from miscommunication between the students and the staff had reached an explosive boiling point when a riot broke out in the Great Hall, organized by a band of students led by anarchist Meghan Frisk. Outside the attacks escalated, finally ending in fire and blood as a series of coordinated strikes across the country. The Ministry deployed every resource available to contain the situation, and yet their eyes were on the wrong prize.

Under the blanket of night, Professor Theron Balavan led a task force of cloaked figures to invade Hogwarts, maiming and killing all who stood in their path and activated the ley lines within. By the time he was defeated at the hands of students and staff working together he had unleashed this power in unexpected ways. The community has barely had enough time to lick its wounds and despite rebuilding, the knowledge that a professor and several Ministry workers were among the attackers means that confidence in those who govern the country is at an all time low.

As if that wasn’t enough, the uncontrolled power of the ley lines is affecting magic at Hogwarts and, leaking through the Floo Network, the rest of the magical community. Along with these strange occurrences, the vast increase in the number of young witches and wizards born in the past few decades is making it harder than ever to keep the most important secret of all; the existence of magic. In a world where information is available at the push of a button, the International Statute of Secrecy bends and leans towards breaking point.

At any moment Muggles everywhere could become aware of the magical world, and with whispers of new players creeping in the shadows ready to fill the gaping voids left behind in the machinations of power, one thing is clear.

The wizarding world must stand united.

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