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 Life In The Fast Lane, Charlie's plotter
Charlotte Baker
 Posted: Jun 4 2017, 06:47 PM


17 YEARS OLD Hufflepufff Sixth Year

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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Basics
Height - 5' 5"
Eyes - chocolate brown
Hair - brunette

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Mum: Reyes Baker (née Guerrero Rosales)
Step Father: Daniel Baker
Dad: Patrick Ryan
Siblings: Aiden Ryan (older brother), Stephen Baker (older step-brother), Ethan Baker (younger half brother), Phillip Baker (youngest half-brother)
Granny: Inés Rosales Diaz

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


For those looking for a nice, kind, pushover Hufflepuff, Charlie Baker is not your girl. Until you get to know her, the bravery, daring and physical strength could make you believe she doesn't belong to that house. Beneath this iron veneer, loyalty and justice run even deeper in her veins. Charlie's personality is blunt as a rock, so never ask her a question unless you are prepared for a completely honest answer. Charlie prefers the company of machines and engines to the company of people. When not covered in engine oil, she spends her spare time playing any sport she can, preferably climbing or parkour... or at least doing something. She needs to be constantly active to avoid boredom, aware that she gets frustrated and flighty when that happens.

Charlie is the very definition of a tomboy; she’s the only daughter (and magic user) in a split-family of five children, has never worn a dress in her life and prefers climbing trees to donning makeup. There’s always a smudge of dirt or oil on her torn jeans and biker boots. While she might appear to be a heartless woman with a penchant for thrill-seeking, she baulks at the idea of putting other's in danger and would gladly take their place in a heartbeat.


Captain Reyes Baker is her daughter’s hero and her biggest inspiration. One of the best and brightest engineers in the armed forces, Catalina returned home with an honourable discharge following the loss of her right leg on active duty. Charlie thought this meant spending more time with her mother in her newly opened garage on the outskirts of London. This dream that was quashed with the arrival of her Hogwarts invitation, and despite her initial protests Charlie left for the magic school because that’s what her mother wanted.

All of her siblings are Muggles, although recent events mean she suspects that Phillip may have magic. Her biological dad is an asshole who cheated on her mum while she was pregnant, and whom she is obligated to see when she visits her elder brother at their home in Ireland. Charlie has considered not returning to Hogwarts for several terms now, it’s only because of her mother’s insistence she at least stays until graduation, and recently discovering that boys aren't just a waste of oxygen, that she hasn't already departed the halls of the magic school for good. The only reason she can give for liking Mikey, the witless wonder, is that nobody else can keep her on her toes.

Since leaving and passing information on the group of traitors whereabouts back to the school, retuning to kill a person at the battle for Hogwarts and failing to save a student, Charlie has been more active than usual. Her time with her traitors made her more regimented and quick on the draw when it comes to battle magic, and a certain hardiness when it comes to the hiding what she did for the magical world in case she is needed again.. She doesn't take any shit from anyone who calls her a traitor. As for killing a person, she does everything she can not the think about it, and the fact she failed to save a boy from dying sometimes wakes her up in the middle of the night.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Friends: (open) Levi Whitcare, Oliver Scott, Remi Woods, Cade Abbot
People She Tolerates: (acquaintances, open) Adelina Moreau, Vincent Devane, Jack Fleet, Ezra Seeley, Jackson Hale

Nemesis: (open)
Enemies: (open)
People I Dislike: (open) Sasha Ivchenko
People I Tolerate... But Only Because I Have To: (open) Meghan Frisk, Matt Greenspark, Hunter Whitmore

Current Boy/Girlfriend: (open) Michael Halsey
Ex(es): (open)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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