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 The Notes Are Old.
Hailee Levitt
 Posted: Aug 2 2017, 01:57 PM


17 YEARS OLD Hufflepuff Muggleborn Seventh Year

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meet hailee. To say that her life is a mess would be an understatement. Raised in the foster care system until she was old enough to go to Hogwarts, Hailee had plenty of ‘siblings’ over the years but never knew the meaning of family or what it even felt to have one. That was until Rowan came into her life. A rather nutty witch, Mortimer is Hailee’s boss who took her in shortly after her fifth year at Hogwarts ended. Sixteen and without anywhere to go, the tattoo artist gave her food, a place to stay and a way to earn money when she wasn’t at the castle. Over time, Hailee grew to adore the batty witch even if she rarely admitted to that.

Eventually, it came to be seen that the two grew closer together and for once Hailee felt like she knew what it meant to actually have someone she could call family, even if it wasn’t of blood. During term break of her seventh year, Rowan offered adoption papers and Levitt happily accepted. However, while that part of her life is figured out she still can’t seem to get the rest in order.

Hard to handle and rather sarcastic, Hailee is known for a sharp tongue and quick-to-act attitude. She believes that everyone should live the way they want and is prone to standing up for the people she cares about. The list of people she’s loyal to can be counted on one finger. Levitt may come of more intimidating than she really is which is off-putting for others and rarely does she make friends. The last time she tried, it failed and the whole thing blew up in her face. Instead she’d rather isolate herself and ignore the populace.

In some ways Hailee might be confident but after one too many times of being pushed around and made fun of she can occasionally find herself a bit sheepish in certain situations. Her confident demeanor is usually only to hide the fact that she's hurt by something said or done... or perhaps she's been seriously pissed off. When angered, her tact and judgment is out of place and she tends to make irrational decisions.

friends. The only friend that Hailee has is Rowan, however it’s up for debate as to whether or not that includes the batty witch’s blowup doll, Mildred.

enemies. Surely, her attitude must’ve gained her a rather large following of people who dislike her. Who they are, Hailee has no clue. She doesn’t pay much attention to high school drama or idle gossip.

lovers. Up until she met Viktor, Hailee probably would have told anyone willing to hit on her to piss off. Somehow, the innocent and lovable Devane twin caught her attention but ask her if she’s actually crushing on him and she might just hex you.




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