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Paige Holland
 Posted: Aug 2 2017, 02:31 PM


23 YEARS OLD Slytherin Pureblood Graduate

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Paige A. Holland

but I wonder, where were you when I was at my worst down on my knees and you said you had my back so I wonder where were you all the roads you took came back to me so I'm following the map that leads to you
Growing up wasn't entirely easy for this blonde. Well, maybe living a life of luxury isn't so bad but Paige never saw it that way. Being a proper lady just wasn't her style and she always lacked the patience it took to really play that role. Instead, she liked adventure, toughing it out and pushing herself past her limits.

Home life was never the same after her parents' accident, though. She was just barely fifteen when both her parents were killed. She still doesn't even really know why but it only added fuel to the fire. It keeps her always on the move and most certainly occupied so that she doesn't have to think about it. The better part of her last two years at Hogwarts was spent living with her Aunt, a forever-eighteen vampire with a weird outlook on life.

Prior to that, her parents oversaw her needs and took care of whatever the girl wanted but had been very strict on what was expected. It lead to Paige eventually reaching an age where she grew tired of the mundane rituals of always trying to be prim and proper. Her personality never did fit into the house she was sorted into though. As a Slytherin she sometimes felt as if people expected her to be ruthless or conniving but rather the girl went through school ignoring most folks and only putting her nose to the grindstone. It was perhaps moving in with her Aunt Sarah that drove her to pursue a career that wasn't 'the Holland way' and ever since then, she hasn't looked back.

When it came to schooling, she knew her career goals by the time that she was sixteen and aimed for the best scores she could possibly get, exclusively dating her notebook and not having relationships outside of classes, or in for that matter. Paige was always very independent and didn't much like the idea of having to work with people. She still doesn't and that's probably made very clear by the fact that she has few friends and rarely ever a partner on jobs.

The only beings she associates with now are Goblins, though they don't much like her witty banter and much prefer her being straight and to the point when bringing back loot. Doesn't stop her from doing so, and her sharp tongue has often lead to a few disputes among the picky little critters. By the way, never ask a Goblin if their shortcomings are the reason for needing so much treasure.
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