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 Guilty, But I'm Safe For One More Day
Sarah Holland
 Posted: Nov 14 2017, 03:05 PM


18 YEARS OLD Slytherin Pureblood Graduate

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VampireDark Witch Offline

  30 years. That's how long it's been since Sarah was turned and in all that time, she never learned. She was cruel then and just as terrrible now. When she'd been turned, a part of her snapped. Sarah has no humanity left. No compassion. Or at least, that's what most people believe.

  The only person she's ever cared about after all this time is her neice. It's not so much a maternal instinct or human nature, but an odd way of looking at their relationship. Paige keeps the vampire feeling as if she's still alive. As if her life matters. In her eyes, Sarah can do no wrong and for a vampire who's lost all human nature, it's nice to think someone believes you're still decent.

  Growing up in the time period she did, Sarah was expected to play nice and act as a proper lady but that never stopped her from going against her parents' wishes. It was her sister who followed along and it was her sister that ended up dead. See where being nice gets you?

  The Holland family is renowned for their brilliant minds. Every Holland ever created was intelligent and to be married into the family meant you had to have the brainpower. They all followed the same path, using their smarts for the greater good. Sarah preferred to get rich and live a little.

  Shortly after she was turned into a vampire, she went on a crime spree that landed her in the grasps of petty thugs. Eventually, her cruel nature earned her a place in their ranks and she worked her way up their social ladder. Now, she spends most of her time not just pulling jobs but creating chaos.

platonic     Sarah doesn't have friends. She has acquaintances. Anything further than that will likely result in the other person growing a deep hatred for the witch. If one really wanted to be friends with her, they'd have to be just as deranged and on her level.

antagonistic     It's easy enough in her line of work to gain enemies. She's a thug. She beats people down to get information and when that doesn't work, she finds a way into their lives and makes it a living hell. Her idea of a fun time is making someone else miserable. Does that sound like the kind of person who doesn't have enemies?

romantic     To actually have a romance with Sarah would probably be fatal. There's no doubt that the witch doesn't have flings every now and then, and she probably enjoys toying with them. Having a real relationship isn't exactly on her agenda at the moment.

miscellaneous     She needs victims. People who have been affected by her. Not necessarily a whole boatload of enemies. While it's great that most people might want to come after her, it's probably good to even things out with a few people who have been victim to her antics and want nothing to do with her.

Paige Holland     This is her niece. They have a fun relationship, one that Sarah would prefer to keep intact for the sake of pretending she has a normal life. Come between that and you're likely to get yourself killed, or you might just find a way to tame her for the time being.

Abel Tonkins     Yeah, the guy who blew up Ollivanders. It's never been stated who she works for or how many criminal groups she's a part of, so why not? Abel is a nuisance, but she swore to keep him safe. For now.

Sarah Holland 18    vampire     dark witch     pb: margot robbie
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