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 Term Two Concludes..
Lilliana Devane
 Posted: Dec 11 2017, 05:08 PM


38 YEARS OLD Hufflepuff Pureblood Graduate

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Well, here you have it, folks.

Our second term is finally over and we have a few announcements to make. First and foremost, the house cup winner! You can bet your hind ends that Slytherin took the lead and snatched the cup. Congrats to you lot! And congratulations to everyone who participated in earning points for their house.

So, we have a couple of things that you guys will especially enjoy. Awards have finally been created, and the termly awards from the last break will be awarded and sorted through. Because of that, we plan to forgo termly awards this time around but don't fret! Once we put out the achievement board, many of you will be busy this break claiming achievements for your characters. This will be put out, with high hopes, in the next week or so. Every achievement you earn will be displaced in that little empty awards box on your character profile. So make sure to Roleplay and plot as much as you can because that's how you'll fill up that box.

In terms of Special Powers, the app has been closed for quite some time and many of you might not have known why. Staff have been working tirelessly to ensure that each power not only coincides (when possible) to what we all know already, but to make it possible to roleplay those hard to write SPs realistically. We still have quite a bit to go over but, if possible, Special Powers may be open by the time term break ends.

Now, Professor apps are usually kept open year round. This means you can apply to be a professor even when we aren't actively searching. Currently, we do need Professors though for two main classes. Transfiguration and History of Magic are currently open so we encourage you to apply this break, whether with a student you wish to graduate or with an adult character. If we do not receive applications over break for these positions, no worries. Applications will be left open.

There's still a couple other things that are a bit new to Elysium. Notice how people are Role-playing more than they do homework? Yeah, so did we. So staff have come together and decided that perhaps it was high time we started award more points for all your lovely RPs. That's right. Instead of earning a single round of 5 points for a thread, you will earn 5 points per role-play post. However, that's not to say that we plan to axe lessons. There'd be no point in holding Professor apps if we did, right? Homework will stay, though next term you might notice a slight difference that we're hoping may make things easier on everyone.

Lastly, we would like to congratulate our newest Prefects! You might have noticed them popping around with the title but how about a proper congratulation? In Ravenclaw, we have Miles Newberry, who has been quite the busy bee lately (mostly with his fists) and Miss know-it-all Emilie Heron. In Slytherin, give a big round of congrats to Tiberius whats-his-face Malachi Winterly (really, we know the name but who is he?) and Harrison 'flirts with everything' Woods. As for Gryffindor, we see a familiar face (dear gods, save us), Levi Whitacre!

There may even be more in store for you all as we progress but for right now, that about wraps it up. Have a great term break and happy holidays to all!

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