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Posted by: Lilliana Devane Mar 16 2017, 05:34 PM
A Role-Play begins with a thread of at least one paragraph (at least two full sentences). The opening post presents the scenario. It is the responsibility of every poster involved to create a setting and a plot for the Role-Play privately, by owl or otherwise. The setting is also dictated by the forum in which the Role-Play is posted (i.e. Hogwarts' Grounds, etc). For example, you would not role-play drinking coffee at the Three Broomsticks but post in the castle.

You might begin a Role-Play by starting a thread in a particular forum or you may join in an already created Role-Play if it’s stated as an open role-play in either the side-notes or in an OOC note in the first post. The exception to this is where permission to join is granted to you via PM by the person who originally created the thread, which you should state at the top of your post.

If you are replying to a previously existing thread, there are a few things while Role-Playing you have to take into account. Firstly, you have to see how the other character acts and what you might be able to gather about them. They also posted this in a specific forum (let's say, the corridor), so you have to write your character as being in the corridor. Most Role-Plays last as long as the people involved keep their characters in that forum. If the Role-Play moves to a new forum, oftentimes the people involved will start a continuing Role-Play in a new forum.

Just a reminder, an acceptable role-play post is at least two sentences in length written in third person, past tense. Most people choose to write a longer post, and we ask that everyone respects the hard work of those posting before them by not replying to a 700 word post with just the absolute minimum requirment.


When applying to Elysium, everyone may choose whatever year they’d like, but keep in mind of how old your character would be at that year. (First years are 11-12, Second years are 12-13, Third 13-14, and so on.) You may not claim that your character was held back however many years. Nor can you say that your character is taking advanced classes far ahead of their year (A first year taking advanced potions would not be realistic). If you want to say this but unsure if you can then owl a staff member.

Congratulations! Your character is magical (or not, if they're a Squib or Muggle). However, the extent of their magical ability should reflect their age and their education (unless they're a Muggle or Squib). For example, a First Year student would not be able to perform a Patronus Charm, but a Fifth Year student might be able to. As a rule of thumb, the more complex a spell, the less likely even an adult charater would be able to cast it.

There is no checklist, and there are no rules, dictating the personality, strengths, weaknesses, physical, or mental qualities of your character. This is all up to you, the creator. However, for the sake of the other writers on the site, please keep your character as realistic as possible. For example, your character should generally be someone that you would be able to run into at a grocery store rather than caricature of a single personality trait.

If you don’t balance your character’s traits (strengths, weaknesses, mental and physical qualities, etc) your character may be labelled as a Mary-Sue or a Larry-Stu. A Mary-Sue (Larry-Stu for male characters) is an unbalanced and poorly thought out character that is more-than-likely very unrealistic. You want to make your character as real as possible, as Role-Playing is not much different than collaborative fan fiction. Mary Sues are highly frowned upon and members will typically avoid writing with them.


In Character means that you are writing a post as if you are your character. All role-plays are in character. You are, however, allowed to add in an OOC comment if necessary at the top or bottom of your post. Out of Character comments in Role-Plays usually have something to do with the Role-Play. They might also include instructions. However, you should never put OOC comments in the middle of a post as this will disrupt the flow of your writing.

Luckily, we have a whole forum dedicated to your OOC needs (here). This is where games, Getting-To-Know-You threads and other types are posted. There should never be a need to post an Out of Character (OOC) post in a Role-Playing forum. If one should be posted there, it will be moved to the correct forum and you will be notified by PM.

This guide may be updated as needed with more useful guidelines and tips.


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