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 Terms Of Service, MUST READ!
Ashton Mcalister
 Posted: Mar 7 2017, 07:54 PM


31 YEARS OLD Ravenclaw Graduate

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Terms of Service

1. To register, you must be at least eighteen (18) years of age. Any members found to be under eighteen will have their account deleted without notice.

2. Rules for mature content can be found here. You must follow these rules at all times.

3. To follow US laws regarding minors, a character must be seventh (7th) year to be in a relationship with a graduate and they cannot date anyone below 4th year. Relationships between students and professors are prohibited.

4. Be respectful to all members of the site. If you have a problem with another member, try to resolve it with them in a calm and professional manner. If you are still unable to resolve the issue after attempting this, please contact a member of site staff.

5. Hate and bigotry of any kind will not be tolerated. While we understand that characters may have prejudices in their role-plays, this does not give you license to be hateful or disrespectful towards others. Breaking this rule may result in an instant ban.

6. The following content is prohibited from being uploaded, emailed, posted or linked to: hacking, exploits, pornography, gambling, terrorist activity, trademark or copyright infringement, the selling or exchange of goods, malicious software (including viruses), and any other content that promotes illegal activity or infringes on the rights of others.

7. Threads that contain potentially triggering material must include a tag in the title or topic description. If an individual post later in the role-play (RP) may contain triggering material, you should include that in a statement at the top of your post.

8. Multiple accounts are allowed, within reason. However, you must be active for a minimum of three (3) months to open another account. Any further accounts opened before three (3) months will be deleted.

9. We won’t delete accounts at the request of members regardless of the reason. Instead, you may ask for a name change if you become bored with a character or they have run their course. Unless the request is for family plot reasons such as marriage, we ask that you attempt to flesh out your character plot before we will allow any name changes.

10. Elysium Borrowed is an original content website. Therefore, canon names or relationships to characters from this or any other fandom are not allowed.

11. Spamming is not allowed. You must not engage in unnecessary, annoying or excessive posting, emailing and private messaging. Do not badger other members for relationships, role-plays or distribute invitations, advertisements or links to join other websites. If you wish to become an affiliate or advertise on our boards, you must contact a site admin.

12. Images linked or posted on the site must comply with the entire Terms of Service. In addition, avatars are 200x400 px and signatures must be no larger than 500x250 px.

13. We don’t have many strict rules for role-plays (RPs), and a more detailed version can be found here. However, role-play posts should contain at least two full sentences written in English, third person, past tense, and we don’t allow ‘netspeak’. They must not contain use of Special Powers (here) that you have not been granted, spells above your year group or restricted spells without admin permission (full spell list found here), godmodding without permission, plagiarism, and metagaming. Abuse of these rules will result in a warning, with further action to be taken for repeat offences.

14. Please be aware that while you may choose to register as a Muggle or Squib, these characters must be a graduate and you cannot post with them inside the magical community without proper reason for their appearance there. Should we need to, staff will ask you to change what's written.

15. Rules for the cBox may be found here (click).

*Please note: These may be updated in the future. Staff will announce when updates are made and you must read through and accept these terms to continue to Role-Play on Elysium.*

Updated as of: 7/29/2017

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