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 Career Applicaton
Meghan Frisk
 Posted: Mar 9 2017, 02:36 PM


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Career Application

So you want to be a functioning member of society, do ya? Here on Elysium Borrowed, trust me when I say we offer a ton of different careers for most, if not all, people of different shapes, sizes and cultures. Because of our inclusion of muggles and squibs, both real-life and pre-existing wizard occupations are available. But not so fast! Before you start writing away on this application, you might want to check out the Careers page.

You can quit your job at any time if you find that it's not working out for you, but that forum exists to make sure it's something you want your character to do, especially if it's one of the more difficult to Role-Play jobs listed. You can apply for anything you want and aren't limited to that list, though. It is there as a basic cover of the positions that some people may find confusing or aren't sure about.

And good news! This application is always open, so feel free to complete this at your leisure. Once you're ready, owl your completed application to either Lilliana Devane, Brynlee Silversmit, or Gregory James.



Name your top three:

How set are you on working in this specific field?

Pick one of your top three and give a sample of how you'd roleplay it. 250 words or more, please.


Remember that when you apply for a job you must take a few things into consideration. Your character's age and experience should determine how they landed it. If you're looking to run a division or claim a head position, you must discuss this with staff. Considering that those who are 'on top' in their line of work also happen to be the boss of other characters, these positions are considered special and not handed out unless you are an active member and willing to help others within that career.

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LOOK AT WHAT LILLI MADE! It's great, it's more than great, it's 10/10. Good shit, good stuff, check her shit out,
it's killer. <3 || Still Proud ||
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