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Lilliana Devane
 Posted: Mar 11 2017, 03:27 AM


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Wanted Ads
On Elysium we encourage writing and plotting as much as possible. We love to watch as characters grow and their plots expand; crazy family drama included. That’s where want ads can come in handy. If you’re looking for someone to play a person in your family (or maybe even outside of it) this is the forum to post in. It’s fairly simple, really. All you have to do is post a thread with the character’s name and other information that is set in stone, a note on whether other stuff can be discussed, perhaps a play by if you have one in mind already, and anything else pertaining to the character.

Once you’ve done so, people can review the ad and decide whether or not it’s something they’re interested in playing. For those who are interested in playing a character for someone, there are a few things to keep in mind. This is absolutely not a way around our three-month rule on multiple accounts. To be approved for the account you must be a member for at least three months. When you’re interested in a certain plot that someone has listed here, don’t reply to the thread but rather message them. Talk it out and should they accept you for the character, they may post here that the ad has been fulfilled and message admin to let us know a new character should be made for you.

Once we know for sure that a wanted character is being played then we will close the ad so that no one becomes confused.

You may, of course, use DoHTML in your posts but we ask that you don’t go too overboard and if your code is broken that will result in immediate removal from the thread where you will have to reapply. Please follow all ToS when putting out your ad.

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