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 The Oracle, Issue #2
Ghost Fox
 Posted: Feb 7 2018, 09:10 PM


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the o℟acle
written for students; by students.
❛let’s just hope you’re as good with broom handling off the pitch as you are on it,”❜ — mystery person to sebastian rosenthorn


When it comes to down to scandals and gossip worthy things, no place seems to do it better than our very own school. I mean look no further than Gryffindor’s own Elena Baldwin and Levi Whitacre for instance. Last we heard, the two of them had a pretty heated fight last term that ended with her kicking Levi to the curb like he was yesterday’s news yet they spotted dancing together at the ball. Our sources tell us that she arrived with a rather good looking Slytherin as her date, but with the way the two Gryffindor’s were dancing and the tension that seemed to be hanging around the two, the poor lad seemed to be long forgotten about.

Other than those two, a lot of people are also wondering what’s going on with the infamous Hunter Whitmore and her little boy toy because no matter how into him she seems to be, Kellin doesn’t look that thrilled to be around her. In fact, after having her cat cause a scene over at the refreshment table and then get glitter all over the poor boy’s clothes, the Ravenclaw looked like he wanted dig himself a hole and hide rather than be around her but she didn’t seem to notice or even care for that matter. We can’t help but wonder when she’ll start to realize that maybe her boyfriend isn’t that into her. Set the boy free!

Also, what about Marisol and Tiberius? Not a whole lot seems to be known about Marisol, but even less is known about the mysterious Prefect since he seems to be antisocial which makes it pretty odd that the two of them were seen together at the ball, even if they both looked a little uncomfortable. Makes you wonder what’s going on there, but it seems only time will tell. Moving on though, a little birdie tells us that Gryffindor Captain Nash Jennings doesn’t seem to be taking his split from his ex very well. While Sebastian seems to be off enjoying extracurricular activities in the restriction section of the library with some poor, unfortunate soul, Nash seems to have taken in a cat as a new companion and rarely talks to anyone else other than the cat. We have a feeling the boy might have finally cracked.

Lastly, can someone please tell Willa Monroe that she may want to invest in some sort of dancing classes because you can hardly call randomly flailing your arms around dancing. We feel bad for poor Jack since he seemed to be victim to the girl's dance moves, or maybe she was purposely doing it in an attempt to embarrass him? He hear the two of them had a confrontation after she ran into him and cause him to drop his sweets and it seems weird that they'd be seen on the dance floor together shortly after that.

With that, we leave you to think about just how crazy some of your fellow classmates seem to be and we’ll be back with more information the moment we have it!

oracle issue № 2 ♠

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